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Who to contact re County Proposal to put two Marriott Hotels on Via Marina

  As we reported on November 19, 2014 [ http://mdrsilverstrandnews.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/breaking-news-on-the-marriott-hotel-project-on-via-marina-marina-del-rey-now-postponed-until-december-9-2014/%5D, Los Angeles County Supervisor, Don Knabe has submitted a request that the hearing on voting to grant a lease option to Samuel Hardage to build two Marriott hotels on Via Marina be postponed until December 9, 2014 when newly elected Supervisors, Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis will have taken office and be present to vote on this issue.  It’s likely that Knabe’s surprise decision came about as a result of an editorial in the LA Times,  numerous letters, calls, faxes and emails from the public, including readers of the Silver Strand News, Silver Strand residents, and a letter from Mike Bonin, City of Los Angeles, 11th District Council Member letter criticizing the rush to get various matters passed, including Hardage’s hotel project, prior to the seating of the two new Supervisors on December 1, 2014 who will have to live with the consequences.

   Despite the fact that the zoning of the site has long been designated as “hotel,” a large majority of members of the public have, over an eight year period expressed their opinion that they would prefer to see this parcel (9u), the last and largest undeveloped, waterfront space in Marina del Rey, developed as a public park with an educational center, rather than a hotel. The Coastal Commission has already approved the small southern end of the parcel as a Wetland park and no doubt they would approve expanding the entire site to a public park. Further, Via Marina is listed in all Coastal Commission and County documents as a “Scenic Drive” to be preserved. The County has already approved the massive AMLI apartment project on Via Marina and demolition has begun. Another large apartment project, just south of it on Via Marina, the Legacy Partners proposal, is in the works. Next door to these, the Marriott/Hardage proposal would be the third property in a row to block off views of the harbor from the public, along with other problems including increased traffic. The Marriott is also proposing to make a cut in the median strip on Via Marina to allow access to and from the the hotels. In addition, the construction of the hotels will likely coincide with the City of Los Angeles’ proposal to route a new sewer line down Via Marina.

 How to pay for the park? Marina del Rey is the County’s largest source of income. Much of that income goes not to MDR, but to the County’s general fund. Perhaps it is payback time. The park would enhance public recreation in MDR  and also be a tourist attraction, two goals the County says it wants to achieve. However, it has yet to come up with anything other than hotels, shopping centers and apartment complexes. None of the latter conform to what the County says it wants as stated in their “Visioning Process.”

Who is Involved and Who to Contact:

   Although the proposed Marriotts are on the County side (east) of Via Marina, the project will also impact City residents on the west side of Via Marina, including the Silver Strand. Mike Bonin spoke up to the County on behalf of those on they City side. Thanks to Marcia Hanscom, here is his letter:Better Bonin letter image

If you would like to contact him thanking him for same and adding any suggestions, here is his contact info:

The City of Los Angeles

       Mike Bonin, our 11th District Councilman:

       email address: <councilmember.bonin@lacity.org>

       phone: 213-473-7011

        200 N. Spring St., Room 475
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The Major Players who will Decide on the Hotels are the Los Angeles County  Board of  Supervisors:

  You can contact them to express your opinion are as follows. I have included the Board of Supervisors as it will stand after December 1, 2014 including Supervisors Elect. The critical meeting on the Marriotts will take place downtown at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, address below, on December 9th at 9:30am when BOS will vote on granting a lease option to Samuel Hardage. In the meantime, you can send an email, call, write, fax or send a message via pony express, smoke signals or carrier pigeon. If you will be unable to attend the December 9th meeting, this is the way to go. If you are going to attend the meeting, this is still the way to go. Your opinions will become part of the public record which is very important.  If you write or fax, which apparently is more effective, please remember to use the honorific, “The Honorable [i.e. Don Knabe]” in the address part of your letter or fax.

  The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors.  Their address for mailing purposes, in all cases, is.

Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration

500 W. Temple Street.

Los Angeles, CA 90012.

The main Main Fax Number for the Board of Supervisors is: (213) 217-4979

Email and phone numbers are below:

 Don Knabe: <don@bos.lacounty.gov>

phone number: 213-626-6941

Mark Ridley-Thomas: <MarkRidley-Thomas@bos.lacounty.gov>

phone number: 213-974-2222

Michael D. Antonovich: <FifthDistrict@lacbos.org>

phone number: 213-974-5050

Sheila Kuehl, Supervisor Elect

email: info@kuehlforsupervisor.com

phone number: (310) 996-1188

Address 13636 Ventura Blvd. Ste. 416, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.

Hilda Solis, Supervisor Elect


No other contact information has been made available.

The Venice Neighborhood Council:

The VNC, in which we as residents of the City of Los Angeles are stake holders, has supported us on over development in MDR  in the past. They are the strongest Neighborhood Council, not on in Venice, but in the County. It’s fine to just email them.

Mike Newhouse, President: email: president@venicenc.org

Mark Saltzberg, Vice-President: email: vp@venicenc.orgemail:

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Update on Emergency Preparedness


Bill Boyd, CERT trained Emergency Responder Speaking to Homeowners

    The SSMHOA Emergency Preparedness Committee, led by Richard Cervantes, assisted by Bill Boyd, Penny Akashi and Nora Nicosia, has made big steps forward on educating residents about what to do in the event of a catastrophe. They have held three educational sessions this year, the last one at the home of Block Captain Jennifer Manoogian on Saturday November 1st, 2014. Homeowners were provided with information on methods to prepare homes and families in case of a major disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami. Bill Boyd and Penny Akashi demonstrated the use of handy emergency kits, flashlights, radios and other devices that can be used. They listed many other items that all residents should keep on hand. They also distributed pamphlets.  Richard provided information on the upcoming Community Emergency Preparedness Mapping project and survey to determine community resources that can be used in the event of a major disaster. Other homeowners suggested the development of a plan for a centralized post emergency meeting zone within the Silver Strand.

There was a discussion about the need to have an Emergency Preparedness vendor make a presentation about available Home Kits which households can purchase. In the meantime, Richard has furnished a list of these vendors:SOS Survival Products, Van Nuys, CA – survival products, kits www.sosproducts.com 1-800-479-79981-800-479-7998

Following the meeting for homeowners, the Committee held a meeting for Block Captains on November 19th hosted by Nora Nicosia, Chair of the Block Captain Committee.  The subject was how to enable Emergency Communications between Block Captains and emergency services  in the event that  phone service (all types), along with internet access  are unavailable (which is likely). SSMHOA has purchased walkie-talkies for Block Captains to use in these circumstances. Those Block Captains present were trained how to use them.  In the event of a catastrophe they will be able to make contact with each other and learn about the special needs, especially medical, of those in their Mall. In addition they will have to relay these needs to local first responders (Medical, Police, Fire, etc.) via a local HAM Radio operator. If you are a HAM Radio operator and a SSMHOA member, please volunteer to be part of our Emergency Preparedness communication network by leaving a comment below.

     A schedule for upcoming Emergency Preparedness  meetings will be posted on the Silver Strand News. For more information you can contact Richard Cervantes by leaving a comment below.

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Halloween 2014 on Roma Court in the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey: A Photo Essay


The Wicked Witch of the Silver Strand and her mourning dove assistants prepare to take off on their annual Halloween Fly Over

    This was the twenty-second Halloween celebration on Roma Court in the Silver Strand. It began as a small local event in 1992,  when homeowner John Conner transformed his garage on Roma Court into a haunted house at the request of his 8-year-old daughter Samantha. Other homeowners followed his lead. Since then, Halloween on Roma Court has become an annual tradition when homeowners decorate their homes and garages to create a magical wonderland, which now attracts several hundred parents, children, relatives and friends. Thanks to all participants for making this another wonderful Halloween. And a very special note of thanks to our photographers, Marilee Karlsen, Clarissa Cervantes and Dan Avila for contributing their great pictures to this post.


The Welcoming Committee


Some came by Pedicab: First Prize for Transportation


Some Came in Wagons


One came in very strange vehicle indeed


The Garland house was,  as always, totally bedecked: First Prize for Decorations


Even their side yard was amazing.


Ghosts, Coffins, Skeletons and Bats were too Scary for Some


Some  homes on Roma Court have garages which don’t face the main drag. Those residents went all out too:




Michael Greenberg and the adorable Latte


Some came alone. Thank goodness.


First Prize for Spookiest Solo Act



Believe me, you haven’t seen the last of this guy.



A Porky Miss Piggy


Some Came as Couples:


Brad and Angela Made an Unexpected Appearance. First Prize for most imaginative Duo.


The Odd Couple: First Prize for Spiritual Costume



Gorgeous Ghoul Twosome. I think I spy one of our photographers.



Beautiful Mom and  Spider-Man son



The always glamorous Anna Cox with husband Brad



And here we have another of our photographers, Marilee Karlsen, accompanied by Father Time, otherwise known as her husband Fred, President of the Silver Strand Marina Homeowners Association.

There were quite of few trios:




Spanish Royalty made a great threesome


Several Families Came Together Ensemble



Tennis Anyone? First Prize Group Ensemble



First Prize: Creative Family Group Costuming


From the Wizard of Oz we go to the Wonderful Little Ones:


A Magnificent Peacock: First Prize Children’s Costume


A Very Excited Butterfly



A  Sweet and Unferocious Lion




Spider-Man climbed down from his Web


No Silver Strand Event would be complete without canines:


Unicorns of the World Unite. First Prize Headdress.



Best in Show!


   And so the evening ends. The crowds depart. The Wicked Witch flies back to her perch and Roma Court is quiet once again. Or is it………………….????



Thanks for coming and see you next year!

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Breaking News on the Marriott Hotel Project on Via Marina, Marina del Rey, now postponed until December 9.2014

    The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has just posted the agenda for their hearing on November 25, 2014 in which Don Knabe  recommends that a vote on the lease option agreement with Samuel Hardage on his proposed Marriott Hotels project on Via Marina, Parcel 9u, be postponed until December. 9, 2014. Originally the lease option for this project, drawn up by County lawyers and the Department of Beaches and Harbors, and including important new accompanying documents, was made public for the first time on November 6, 2014, and was scheduled to be heard at a BOS meeting on November 18, 2014.  The vote on the proposal was cancelled at the last minute  due to  lack of a quorum. Four votes would have been necessary to vote on the issue and only three supervisors were present (Don Knabe, Gloria Molina and Zev Yarovslasky). Mark Ridley-Thomas and Michael Antonovich were absent.

   Hardage’s various proposals to put up a hotel on Parcel 9u have been a pet project of Knabe’s for many years. They have known each other for a long time and been political allies in Southern California Republican politics for decades.  However, following an editorial in the LA Times,  numerous letters, faxes and emails from the public, including readers of the Silver Strand News, and a letter from Mike Bonin, City of Los Angeles, 11th District Council Member letter criticizing the rush to get Hardage’s hotel project through prior to the seating of two new Supervisors on December 1, 2014, Knabe wisely has had second thoughts. The ill-considered attempt to rush the Hardage proposal through, without adequate public notification, necessary approvals and hearings, could have proved problematic, from many points of view, down the line. In addition, Knabe will not be termed out until 2016 and in the interim will need to work with Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis, the two new Supervisors. Both of them, along with Mark Ridley-Thomas are pro-union. Samuel Hardage is anti-union (Google: Hardage vs City of Emeryville).

  In the meantime, the public should continue to express their concerns to the Board of Supervisors, Mike Bonin and others. Contact information to follow.

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Important: Upcoming LA County Board of Supervisors Hearing on Approval of Lease-Option on Via Marina Marriott Hotel 11/18/2014 and report on Meeting of the Small Craft and Harbor Commission

   The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing which includes approval of granting a lease option to Samuel Hardage to develop two Marriott brand hotels on Parcel 9u, the vacant lot on Via Marina between Marquesas and Tahiti Way. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 9:30 am at the  Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration at 500 West Temple Street, Los Angeles California 90012. Fair warning: this item is number 40 on the agenda, so if you wish to speak you will likely have a long wait. You will need to fill out a speaker card. The standard time to present your statement is 3 minutes, but this can be shortened at the discretion of the BOS Chair. Questions to the Board are not allowed.

    This project is a Marriott Residence Inn and Marriott Courtyard Hotel (formerly known as the Woodfin Hotel Suites and Time Shares). The two hotels will have 288 rooms in all – see post of November 7, 2014 for details.  The project  has had a long and contentious history (you can search this site under “Woodfin” for same). As in the case of the Woodfin, the applicant is Samuel Hardage, now listed as MDR Hotels, LCC. His Woodfin hotel chain is now defunct following his filing for bankruptcy on behalf of the chain in several states.

    It appears that the Board of Supervisors is trying to rush this approval through prior to the seating of two newly elected Supervisors, Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis who will take office on December 1, 2014.  The Board’s  haste is obvious in that the first public noticing of the lease-option document and Addendum to the Final Environmental Report appeared only appeared online on November 6, 2014. The first and only public hearing on the these two documents and the lease option was held on November 12, 2014 at a meeting of the Small Craft and Harbor Commission at Burton Chace Park.  Given the importance of the issue,  both the timing of meeting and the debut appearance of these documents before this particular Commission struck many as being highly unusual. The meeting was held on a weekday morning preventing much of the working public from attending to express their views. As a result only 20-25 members of the public were in attendance.  Further, it was held less than a week prior to the lease-option being considered for approval by the County Board of Supervisors next Tuesday, November 18.

The Documents pertaining to the project and the lease-option can be found here: http://file.lacounty.gov/dbh/docs/cms1_205242.pdf

  During the meeting last Wednesday, Commissioner Russ Lesser (Fourth District) expressed  dissatisfaction with the extremely short time the Commissioners were given to review the foot-high package of documents placed at their side, two of which totaled over 500 pages in length (see link above) He also said that he disliked the lease option concept.  The lease-option arrangement allows Hardage to put down a $100,000 non-refundable deposit and grants him 2 years, plus a possible 6 month extension to get his entitlements, approvals, permits and financing in place. During the construction period, Hardage would pay $107,500 a year in rent to the County. When Hardage receives a Certificate of Occupancy, he will begin paying an escalating rent over an 11-year period. The total rent over this period will be an estimated $51,152 490 plus hotel tax followed by a renegotiation for the remainder of the 60 year lease term. Commissioner Dennis Alfieri (Fifth District) disclosed that he knew two of the developers (even though only one is listed in the lease, see below) but had no financial interest in the project. There were calls from the floor for him to recuse himself which he declined to do.

    Those who filled out speaker cards at were uniformly negative in their views on the project on many counts. Chairman Allyn Rifkin (Third District) neglected to call one resident who had filled out a speaker card and not heard from. Another resident (myself) , was cut off short, even though a staff member had told her that another speaker who filled out a card could cede his time to her and did so. The already approved time extension was denied despite calls from the floor to allow her to continue. Public speakers raised many objections to the project. One speaker reminded the Commission that publicly owned Marina del Rey was not created as a tourist attraction but as a center for pubic recreation and boating in particular. Another questioned the need for another hotel when there are already 6 hotels within a short distance of each other on Via Marina and Admiralty Way with a 7th planned for Fisherman’s Village.  There was an objection to the project increasing the traffic situation on Via Marina, already impacted by massive County approved apartment complexes, built or pending. Another speaker talked about the lack of sufficient planning for ingress and egress of emergency services.  Two speakers stated that a far better use of the 3.66 acre site, the largest undeveloped parcel left in the Marina, would be a public park and educational center. One speaker stated that this hearing and the BOS hearing should have been scheduled after December 1, 2014 when Kuehl and Solis take office since they will have to live with the consequences if the lease option is approved. In addition there were comments about the County’s continued success in blocking off views of the harbor from Via Marina (an officially designated scenic drive) with its aggressive approval of large commercial/residential projects in order to  generate cash for its general fund. It was further noted that the construction phase of this project, if approved, will likely coincide with the City’s proposed  routing of the Venice Dual Force auxiliary pumping line down Via Marina from Marquesas Way south to the channel. Work on the sewer will reduce Via Marina to one lane in each direction for an estimated 20 months.

      Despite the disapproval expressed by the members of the public, the  Small Craft and Harbor Commissioners approved the agreement by a 3 to 1 vote. Approving were Russ Lesser, David Lumian (vice-Chair) and Dennis Alfieri. Only Chairman Allyn Rifkin voted nay.

       The meeting also included a presentation by the City of Los Angeles on the proposed Venice Dual Force auxiliary sewer line. A separate report on this will follow.

         If you are unable to attend the BOS meeting next Tuesday, November 18, you can send an email expressing your opinion to the following Supervisors. You should do so before November 18 in order for your email to be entered into the public record. You can send a single email placing all of the names below in the “To” line.

        Zev Yaroslavsky: <zev@bos.lacounty.gov>     <zev@bos.lacounty.gov>

        Gloria Molina: <molina@bos.lacounty.gov>

        Don Knabe: <don@bos.lacounty.gov><don@bos.lacounty.gov>

        Mark Ridley-Thomas: <MarkRidley-Thomas@bos.lacounty.gov>

        Michael D. Antonovich: <FifthDistrict@lacbos.org>

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Important Reminder: L.A. County Department of Beaches and Harbors, Small Craft Harbor Commission to hold public Meeting on Proposed Hotel on Via Marina

Originally posted on The Silver Strand News:

   The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, Small craft Harbor Commission, will hold a meeting on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 10am in the Community Room at Burton Chace Park, 13650 Mindanao Way, MDR. Unlike the “Community Briefing” held on October 22, 2013, this meeting will allow the public to speak as a body. Your comments will go into the public record. You will need to fill out a speaker card and the time limit for each speaker is 3 minutes.

The agenda will include two important  items:

1) Another presentation by the City of Los Angeles’ proposal to route  the Venice Dual Force auxiliary sewer pipe across Marquesas Way and down Via Marina.

2) A review of the Final Environmental Impact Report, Addendum and approval of Option to Lease Agreement to facilitate the Redevelopment at Parcel 9U (Woodfin Hotel).

    Hotel from Via MarinaSketch of the Marriott Residence Inn…

View original 928 more words

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Silver Strand Bicycle Group Plans Next Event: Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

  The Silver Strand Bicycle  Group is planning its next outing on Tuesday, November 18th at 3 pm.  They will meet on the Lighthouse bridge and ride the bike path towards Santa Monica.  They plan to break the ride in time for the Happy Hour at Coast at Shutters Hotel  around 4 – 4:15pm at the latest.  Because of daylight savings time,  the group will be riding home after dark and should plan on putting some sort of light on their bike or helmet. If you would like to join the group or  just meet for the happy hour (and not ride), please leave a comment below.

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