Revival of the Silver Strand Block Party

On July 3, 2010,  Joanie and Randy Zisler hosted what we hope will be the revival of our traditional annual block party for residents of the Silver Strand. About 80 people, accompanied by their kids and canines, attended the pot luck lunch which lasted from noon until 4pm. Chairs were put out on Light House Mall and tables, decorated with flags, were piled high with delicious edibles contributed by the guests. A great time was had by all.

The event was so successful that we decided it would fun to have smaller parties, each covering 3 malls, every few months. Joanie and Randy hosted the first of these on their patio on Labor Day weekend. They had a full house feasting on BBQ chicken, tri-tip, meatloaf, a corn casserole, exotic salads and Margueritas. There were home-made brownies for dessert. A surprise treat was provided by a visit from our local Lemonade Stand entrepreneurs, a couple of charming kids who made out like bandits when we purchased their remaining stock.



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