Can Anyone Suggest a good…?

This is a category where you can leave a comment about someone you want to recommend in various capacities of interest to residents. For example, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, termite companies, roofers,  gardeners, painters, window washers, house-keepers,  nannies, baby sitters and so on. Leave your comment and we will post it if suitable. If you could specify the work done and the price (expensive, moderate, a bargain) that would be great. Disclaimer: The selection of any work persons recommended here is at the sole discretion of readers. No warranties or representations are made by The Silver Strand News. These listings are not be be relied upon by our readers in determining whether or not to hire anyone mentioned herein. Always ask an individual or a company for references from previous clients. If they are doing serious stuff, windows, roofing, electrical etc., check their licenses on The California Government Department of Consumer Affairs website. The “Angie’s List” website is a good source of information.  In other words, “Caveat Emptor!”



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One Response to Can Anyone Suggest a good…?

  1. If you are looking for a great seamstress, expert in both men’s and women’s clothing,
    head to Anna’s Custom Tailoring. If you’ve lost or gained weight, she can perform miracles. She’s also terrific at restyling. She’s not cheap, so ask what the charge will be for the work. Her address is 13332 W. Washington Blvd. She’s on the side of the street between Glencoe and Redwood. Her number is (310)822-9847.

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