What Topics would you like to see in the Blog?

This is the place to suggest topics that you would like to see on the blog. Just write it up in  the Comments for this Post.

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Resident of the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey, California
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6 Responses to What Topics would you like to see in the Blog?

  1. Danielle Sevilla says:

    Hello Ms. Starr-

    I’m working with the City of Los Angeles on the Venice Dual Force Main project. We would like to ask if we could provide you with information on the project and an upcoming public information meeting so that you can list the information on your blog.

    Please contact me at danielle@murakawacommunications.com so that we can discuss this.

    Thank you for your time and consideration, it is greatly appreciated.

    –Danielle Sevilla

  2. Steve says:

    How about publishing the CC&Rs (if we actually have them) on this blog. One thing that irritates me more than anything are cars that are parked in a prime spot for weeks (months!) at a time. Of course this means they’re really taking two spots, since only the same owner/housemate can park behind them. The owner of the old Porsche is guilty of this on Topsail Mall. That car has been there forever. Is there a limit to how many days a car can be parking in one spot – and who do we report it to if somebody has been parked there forever?

    Thanks again, awesome blog!


    • The Silver Strand News is an independent news blog with no official connection to the Silver Strand Marina Homeowners Association. Therefore it would be inappropriate for us to publish their CC&Rs. If you want a copy, you should contact Deborah Schneider at Bali Management at 310-294-5370. Re the parking problem you mention, you can report it to
      Parking Enforcement at 310-312-3500.

  3. Steve Topsail Mall says:

    Great blog, it’s very much appreciated!

    I’d like to see the topic of the constant and never ending power outages addressed here. While I actually enjoy the occasional night without power and living by candlelight, these random outages are wreaking havoc on my high end electrical devices (PCs, DVRs, etc…).

    Thanks again!


  4. Thank you, we will add this to our public services headings.

  5. Barbara Fier says:

    For graffiti removal, logon to the website:

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