Important Notice! SSMHOA meeting

The 2010 Silver Strand Marina Homeowners annual meeting is scheduled for Wednesday October 13 at 7pm at Del Rey Yacht Club 13900 Palawan Way, MDR.  Bill Rosendahl, our City Councilman will be present. There will be refreshments. We urge all homeowners to attend. It’s a great opportunity to meet and greet your neighbors. This event is open only to registered homeowners.

The Board of Directors will bring us up to date on what it has accomplished this year including a report on repairing the fence on the Lagoon path. A representative of We Are Marina Del Rey, a nonprofit group concerned with development in the Marina, will review the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors plan to allow the Woodfin Group to build a 19 story hotel on Via Marina between Tahiti and Marquesas Way. This structure, adjacent to the Malls on Via Dolce, threatens to loom over our homes and change the character of our side of the Basin from its present low-density, low-rise residential feeling.

There will be report on the election of members to the Board. If you haven’t mailed in your ballot, please do so. You should have received your ballot by now from Bali Management. If you haven’t, call Debbie at (310) 294-5370. There will be a last-minute opportunity to hand your ballot at the meeting between 6:30pm and 7:00pm. No ballots will be accepted after 7:00pm.

There will be a Q.and A. during the meeting during which you can bring up any questions or concerns you may have as homeowners.

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2 Responses to Important Notice! SSMHOA meeting

  1. Joan Zisler says:

    This will be such an important meeting. I don’t think our residence realize that an “Azzura”-sized building is going to be built directly opposite Mast Mall on the Via Marina side. Our sun will be lost for many residences as well as the breeze and view. I am not opposed to change or redevelopment as long as there’s a max of 6 stories like the other new construction on the water.
    Also…..whatever happened to our new plantings that were supposed to use less water and be more beautiful? Our perennials are yellowing and our annuals are almost dead. Why not use desert plants since we are in a desert climate? Some can be quite beautiful. From my perspective there is no change since we moved here before the mall “re-do”.

    • Harryot Best says:

      Your first paragraph in “Important Notice! SSMHOA” is certainly vital to the well being of all of us and should be emphasized over & over. Many of us have been fighting this explosive 19 story++ development for years as you already know. Are there any new ways to try to slow the process down?

      Re your second paragraph: On Lighthouse all the bedding plants are due to be pulled, soil fertilized now if they haven’t already done so. (Oct 19, 2010) Re your request for desert plants, may I suggest giving Ray the names of some you like and think would do well on Lighthouse? He told us to call him at 261-8847. Thanks.

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