Mall Landscaping

Harryot Best, head of the SSMHOA Landscaping Committee says that if you have any suggestions about plants that you think would be good for the Malls, that you list them in a Comment here or contact Ray Garcia of R and G Landscaping design at (310) 261 8847.  The bi-annual planting is scheduled for this coming week, but your suggestions for the Spring planting will be considered. Please keep in mind that the Malls have two kinds of planting areas: perennials which carry over from year to year and annuals which are replanted twice a year. Your suggestions should be made with an understanding of water needs (the lower the better), their blooming periods, hardiness in our coastal climate and sun requirements. There are some perennials which do well in our climate and are water-wise, i.e. lavender, rosemary and salvia. But not all the Malls have enough sun for those because of our beautiful trees. The “mini-malls” get the most sun.  There are many more interesting examples of  impatiens than the ones we already use.   So look through the Sunset Guide to Western gardening (the bible for gardening in the West) and let us know.

Also, Ray has told us that the white stuff you saw in the planting areas last week is gypsum, an amendment which is totally harmless to all living creatures.


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