Report on SSMHOA Block Captains Meeting on Jan 20, 2011


From left to right: Clarissa Cervantes, Harryot Best, Jane Parks, Cindy Carlin, Joanie Zisler, Claudia Lichtig, Nora Nicosia and Mary-Dorothy Line. Present, but not pictured, Sandra and Harrison Starr and Jennifer Manoogian.

Claudia Lichtig hosted a “Coffee-Klatch” for the Block Captains. It was both productive and truly enjoyable, a combination few meetings of this kind achieve. Nora Nicosia, SSMHOA Board member and Chair of the Committee led things off by introducing Fred Karlsen, President of the Board, who told those present how much he and the Board appreciated the commitment and volunteer efforts of the Block Captains on behalf of residents in the Silver Strand. There was a discussion of the new Welcome Packet which is currently being revised. In order to add a personal touch, they will be hand-distributed by the Block Captains to each new homeowner.


From left to right: Fred Karlsen, Marilee Karlsen and Bill Boyd

Bill Boyd, Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, reviewed both the basics and the specifics of what’s needed in the event of a power blackout, earthquake, tsunami or other catastrophe.  He asked the Block Captains to take a look at what other neighborhood associations, Mar Vista in particular, are doing in the way of preparation. Since residents will not be able to  count on police, fire and ambulance service, Block Captains will be first responders. He mentioned that “walkie-talkies” would provide Block Captains with the ability  to communicate with each other and suggested that they agree on a place for residents of each Mall to congregate (most likely in the Malls themselves).

There was discussion about the annual Block Party. This is a monumental project organized by Nora and the Block Captains. Suggestions were made about breaking it up into  smaller  groups of 2 or 3 malls as a potluck lunch. Fred introduced a brilliant notion  of getting gourmet Food Trucks to station themselves at the end of the Malls. That way, SSMH would only have to provide tables and chairs and residents could bring their beverage of choice. Your ideas and suggestions on this topic would be greatly appreciated; please leave a comment below.

Harryot Best Board Chair of the Landscaping Committee, is looking for volunteers to help her inspect conditions in the Malls and mini-Malls and make suggestions about plantings She has been working single-handedly on this until now  and really needs your help. If you would like to volunteer, please leave a comment below and we will put you in touch with her.

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5 Responses to Report on SSMHOA Block Captains Meeting on Jan 20, 2011

  1. Anonymous says:

    Food Trucks are a great idea for the summer block party. Last year’s party fell apart. Here’s hoping that it works out this year.

  2. nora nicosia says:

    It took about 20 minutes for this to appear…….Perhaps you should mention that as you ask people to reply…………It was a great report……..xxxxxx…….Nora

    • When you click on “make a comment,” a screen should appear immediately allowing you write and then submit. WordPress then submits the comment to me for approval. This is a necessary safeguard to prevent crazy people, spammers, etc. from posting inappropriate remarks on the blog. This is also where a delay factor may arise because I’m not on my computer 24/7, but I do check-in daily.

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