Update on Silver Strand Landscaping, Ballona Lagoon Fence and 2 new clubs

Silver Strand Mall Landscaping

In response to homeowner complaints about the condition of the Malls, SSMHOA Board members, Fred Karlsen (President), Mary-Dorothy Line (Vice-President), Harryot Best (Landscape Committee Chair), John Conner and Nora Nicosia met with Ray Garcia of RG Landscaping and Design.

Irrigation: Ray explained that both the grass and the planted areas of the Malls require the same amount of watering but are on separate control systems. Ray agreed to walk the Malls on a more regular basis to inspect for watering problems, along with the condition of  grass, annuals and other plantings.

Planting: The next replanting of annuals, turning and fertilizing of the soil, will take place at the end of April. Ray will put in plants that are more mature in terms of bloom, rather than the smaller plants used during the last planting. He will also space them closer together in order to make a “color statement.” This should take about a week. If any of the old annuals are in good shape, Ray will allow homeowners to take them home during the replanting period. Please do not remove the current plants without his permission!!

Ray will be adding sod to fill in empty or brown patches in the grass which develop over the winter season. By late April, there should be a great improvement in the Mall landscaping.

Nora Nicosia (Block Captain Committee Chair) will be asking Block Captains to walk their Malls once a month and report back to Harryot or her who will  contact Ray with any complaints or suggestions. This will provide homeowners with an opportunity to give their input on landscaping. The Board has decided not allow each Mall to “do their own thing” regarding types of plants to be used unless homeowners agree to this at the next annual meeting in October.

R&G workers are in the malls Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm. On Saturday they clean the paths. Ray is here supervising Tuesday through Friday. R&G will not respond directly to homeowners suggestions or complaints. Homeowners should address these questions to Harryot or Nora.

"Riley," a Silver Strand resident, surveys the Ballona Lagoon path. SSMHOA will be repairing the portion of the fence on the right. The City of Los Angeles is responsible for repairs to the fencing on the left.

Ballona Lagoon Fence: Installation of the new Ballona Lagoon fence on the east side of the path will begin on  March 6 and finish around March 22. Two coats of waterproofing will be applied to the fence. The lumber will be stacked on the Northstar mini-Mall around March 1.  In preparation for putting in the new fence,  Ray will be cutting back the ice plants on the mini-Malls. Roma Court homeowners whose landscaping abuts the path will be notified that they must cut back 8″ of plantings next to the fence by February 23. Two Board members will attempt meet with  these homeowners personally to work out any details.

New Groups: Nora Nicosia and Clarissa Cervantes have organized two new groups. Nora is an artist and experienced docent who has led groups through LACMA and other museums. Clarissa is a talented photographer. You will shortly be receiving an e-mail from your Block Captains about the details.

Bergamot Station

Bergamot Station

For Art Lovers: The Silver Strand Art Club will meet on Thursday every other month. The first event is scheduled for Thursday, April 7 at Bergamot Station, an enclave of distinguished galleries featuring contemporary art, prints and photography. It is also the home of the Santa Monica Museum of Art, and small boutique shops offering everything from handmade Japanese paper to jewelry. There is plenty of free parking and a pleasant, small cafe.

The Lighthouse Bridge

For Fitness and Nature Lovers: The Silver Strand Walk Club will begin meeting on Mondays once a month starting on April 4 at 4pm at the  eastern side of the Lighthouse Bridge. This will be a great alternative to the monotony of your treadmill routine. You can improve your health, socialize with neighbors, and enjoy the beautiful natural setting of the Ballona Lagoon. The plan is to walk for about an hour, but you can do whatever feels right for you. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome.

If you would like to join one or both of these groups, please leave a comment below and the Silver Strand News will forward to Nora and Clarissa.


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2 Responses to Update on Silver Strand Landscaping, Ballona Lagoon Fence and 2 new clubs

  1. Anna Cox says:

    Thank you for this wonderful newsletter! We block captains welcome your thoughts regarding your mall’s landscaping. Please email your block captain if you have observations or suggestions that you would like to contribute. If you need contact information for your block captain, contact Nora Nicosia.

  2. nora nicosia says:

    Wonderful to have you continue our news even though you are on vacation. It is as usual informative and beautifully presented with great photographs. Thanks…….Nora

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