Marina del Rey, Via Marina Development Update: The Woodfin Hotel, The Shores, etc.

The Woodfin Hotel and Timeshare Resort

The Woodfin Hotel as seen from Via Marina at the corner of the Tahiti Way entrance to the Silver Strand. The 6 story parking structure is visible on the left.

We Are Marina Del Rey, the non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to moderating development in Marina Del Rey has filed an appeal against the Woodfin Hotel and Timeshare Resort with the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. The hearing will take place at the Kenneth Hahn Administration Building  on April 26th, 2011. This will be the final hearing on this project before the BOS. If approved, it will go before the California Coastal Commission on June 15-17, 2011 at a meeting to be held at the Marina del Rey Hotel. Of all the the County’s proposed projects in adjacent Marina del Rey, the Woodfin will have the most dramatic consequences for Silver Strand homeowners. Because it is sited on Via Marina between Tahiti and Marquesas Way, adjacent to Via Dolce, this 19 story  high-rise hotel, set down in a 3 story residential neighborhood, will affect all views from Silver Strand homes, including those on Roma Court facing North-East. It will be the tallest building in Marina del Rey, 4 storys higher than the Marina City Club. All concerned Silver Strand homeowners should make an effort to attend both the BOS  and the Coastal Commission hearings to express their opinion.

We Are Marina Del Rey is in the process of trying to raise $20,000 to pay their lawyer and other experts to help with the appeal on this and 2 other projects in Marina del Rey. To make a tax deductible donation to the organization, please go to their website

Del Rey Shores/ The Shores
Architectural rendering of “The Shores” development to replace “Del Rey Shores”

On February 15, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved the re-development of Del Rey Shores on Via Marina. The project, led by developer and lessee Jerry Epstein was resubmitted with a revised Environmental Impact Report and new financing which includes backer, actor Kirk Douglas and his wife. The project will demolish the existing  2 story Del Rey Shores complex and add 342 residential units in a cluster of twelve,  5 story, 79 foot high, apartment buildings. The proposed project, renamed The Shores, is on Via Marina  between between Panay Way and Marquesas.

Shopping center on Washington Blvd between Via Dolce and Via Marina has also been approved by the BOS. This is currently the site of the Coldwell Banker real estate offices. The project will be a low-rise development, however it will impact traffic in terms of ingress and egress to and from the Silver Strand at the Via Marina and Via Dolce intersections with Washington Boulevard. Hopefully the tenants will not be yet another beauty parlor, cleaner or fast food joint, all of which we have more than aplenty in our neighborhood.

The major Amendment to the Marina del Rey LCP, including the Woodfin Hotel and Timeshare, and other projects, will be presented to the California Coastal Commission on June 15-17 at the Marina del Rey Hotel.

Summary of additional residential units approved to date by Regional Planing Board and/or BOS  on Via Marina:

The Woodfin Hotel and Timeshare Resort                            288 new units

The Neptune Legacy Development                                          390 new units over existing

The Shores                                                                                     342 new units  over existing

Esprit II                                                                                          297 new units over existiny

Total new units proposed on Via Marina                    1319

Figuring the standard average of 1.5 persons per unit, these projects will add a minimum of 2930 daily car trips to and fro Via Marina, not including service personnel, taxis, and service trucks to the hotel and residences which will probably add at least another 400 car/truck trips  a day to our neighborhood. In other words, we are looking at a minimum of an additional daily 3300 vehicle trips on Via Marina. Traffic on Via Marina is not through  but circular which will add to the number of vehicular trips.   Because  these projects will affect the intersections of Via Dolce and Via Marina onto Washington Blvd and  Admiralty Way, they will impact ingress to  and egress from the Silver Strand including emergency services. In addition, the County is proposing to replace the Marina Fitness Building on Panay Way with a 30,000 square foot commercial complex with adjacent 5 story parking structure. This project has been approved by the Regional Planning Board and is currently being appealed by We Are Marina del Rey.




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2 Responses to Marina del Rey, Via Marina Development Update: The Woodfin Hotel, The Shores, etc.

  1. Al Hains says:

    We live in the Via Marina Tahiti condo complex on Via dolce between Tahiti and Bora Bora. Our 3rd floor balcony faces North and our unit is in the center of the building. We have a clear view of Via Marina from our balcony and it is already sounding and looking like a freeway on/off ramp. The traffic level is super high and if these monster projects scheduled for Via Marina do in fact happen, all of us in the Strand area are going to suffer financially and physically. We must get the attention and help of the CA Coastal Commission and take back control of our beautiful MDR and surrounding communities.

    Al Hains

  2. nora nicosia says:

    These projects will destroy the Marina del Rey community. Via Marina and Via Dolce will have rush hour traffic problems with bumper to bumper cars which the projects have not provided for. There is already serious congestion at the corner of Washington and Lincoln Blvd. The intensity of the car exhaust will pollute a once pristine neighborhood. These projects will bring income to the county by impact the City of Marina del Rey in most negative ways. The Coastal Commission should stop them if there are not halted by the zoning board.

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