Report on SSMHOA Board Meeting on 3/28/11

Here are the highlights of the meeting

The Old Lagoon Fence: photo Marilee Karlsen

The Fence Committee: Everyone agreed that the new fence on the east side of the Ballona Lagoon path is wonderful. The Board congratulated Michael Greenberg, John Nagy and Fred Karlsen for their great work in completing this arduous project.

The New Fence: photo Marilee Karlsen

Editor’s Note: Let’s hope the City follows our example by repairing the fence on the west side of the path with the same materials.

Landscape Committee: Harryot Best, Committee Chair, said that she has been in touch with Ray Garcia of RG Design in preparation for the new planting in April. Nora Nicosia suggested that he wait until May because of the change in season. Nora also said that she felt that Ray was not responding to homeowner complaints about the condition of the Malls. Debbie Schneider of Bali Management told the Board that RG Design was less expensive than most landscape contractors. One Board member said that on one occasion they saw two of RG’s employees working on individual  homeowner’s properties at around 3pm on a Friday during the hours when they work on the Malls. Nora mentioned that years ago the contract  with the SSHHOA landscape contractor included a provision that none of the workers be allowed to work on private property in the Silver Strand. Some of the Board members said that is not fair to deprive them of extra work. The Board members will discuss this matter further with Ray Garcia to make sure his employees are not working for private homeowners during the hours when they are being paid to work on the Malls.

Nora has walked the Malls and received reports from Block Captains on same. She has expressed a concern that some Malls are in much better condition than others. There should be no disparity as all homeowners are paying equally for RG design to maintain the Malls.

The Board is very pleased with the experimental planting of AstroTurf at the entrance to Privateer Mall and decided to go forward in getting bids to replace the grass at the entrances to all the Malls. This would be an expensive enterprise, but Debbie Schneider of Bali Management is going to pursue the matter. The present grass would have to be removed, replaced with new artificial turf and treated with  a safe chemical, not harmful to humans or animals, to remove odors of dog urine.

The Welcome Packet is currently being revised, redesigned and updated. When it is completed, Block Captains will deliver to new owners.

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2 Responses to Report on SSMHOA Board Meeting on 3/28/11

  1. Eric Beane says:

    I think that the homeowners should have a right to vote on any plan to replace the real grass with artificial turf, especially given the cost of such a plan, not to mention the change in look and feel.

  2. Lynn Beyer says:

    enjoyed reading about what is happening with the Malls and that the
    board is doing its homework- not an easy job-

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