The Woodfin Hotel MDR: Important Update on appeal

In response to a query by the Silver Strand News, Santos H Kreiman, Director of Beaches and Harbors, sent the following information re the original 19 story plan and the alternate plan:

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in the MdR Development Plans.On Tuesday [April 26], the Supervisors will consider the appeal of the original 19 story plan, which was approved last March by the Regional Planning Commission.  The Board must hear the appeal and decide on the merits of the original plan.

However, at the meeting, the Board could uphold or deny the appeal or opt to pursue the revised blueprint for the shorter building.  If the Board chooses the latter, the revised plans would require a new round of public review and consideration by the Design Control Board and the Regional Planning Commission.

I wanted to be sure to get the revised plans out to the public prior to the meeting in an effort to be transparent about the options being considered by my office.

David Barish, of WE ARE MARINA DEL REY, which as filed the appeal on this and 2 other projects in MDR, says that it is important that an email be sent prior to the April 26 meeting of the Board of Supervisors  expressing an opinion about the original Woodfin, the lower story alternative plan or a park (see SSN post of April 19).  Barish says that  the email can be as short as one line or paragraph. He asks that ask your friends and neighbors to do the same! He says that they have been told that the Supervisors do not think there is any opposition to these projects and thus have no reason to vote no. It is therefore important to let them know your opinion.

Please email your letter with the subject line: Opinion on The Woodfin Hotel, and Time Shar, MDR to be heard on April 26, 2011 by L.A.The Board of Supervisors.

(The email addresses of the Supervisors are as follows),,,,
Please also cc: and


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