Coastal Commission Hearing Oct 5-7: Major Amendment to the MDR LCP

The Coastal Commission will hold a hearing on Oct 5-7, 2011 on the Major Amendment to the MDR Local Coastal Plan at the City Council Chambers, 2000 Main Street, in Huntington Beach. The Amendment was originally scheduled to be heard on June 15-17 at the Marina del Rey Hotel. At the last minute, the Coastal Commission announced that it was delaying the hearing on the Amendment because their staff had not had time to review it in its entirety.

It is very unusual for such an important issue to be heard outside the immediate neighborhoods impacted by same. Many residents in  MDR,  Venice, Culver City and Playa del Rey and concerned organizations  have expressed strong opposition to the Amendment which favors Los Angeles County’s plans to aggressively develop publicly owned land in  MDR.  Public representatives including Councilman Bill Rosendahl, State Assembly person, Betsy Butler and the Venice Neighborhood Council have also taken a stand against portions of the Amendment.  There is a suspicion on the part of many, including We Are Marina del Rey, the non-profit group of unpaid volunteers which has successfully spearheaded the movement of slowing Los Angeles County’s redevelopment plans,  that scheduling the hearing an hour’s drive from MDR is an attempt by the County to discourage concerned groups and residents from attending the hearing and making it easier for developers and their lobbyists to do so. The hearings will be held Wednesday through Friday making it extremely  difficult for residents in MDR and adjacent who work to attend.  We Are Marina del Rey, will present a new traffic report, commissioned from a non-partisan traffic engineer, at the Coastal Commission hearing. Their traffic study contradicts the report submitted by the County and shows that their proposed redevelopment of MDR will drastically affect the major egress and access routes not only in Marina del Rey, but in surrounding areas including Washington and Lincoln Boulevard.

The Major Amendment includes a request for CC approval of 5 County “pipe-line” projects, among them the 526 unit Neptune Legacy apartment proposal on Via Marina and the proposed luxury senior citizen facility on Admiralty Way, both of which will reduce public parking in MDR. The Neptune Legacy project includes a lot designated by the Coastal Commission as a  public park. It shares an Environmental Impact report with the revised Woodfin Hotel project, a portion of which is sited on a designated wetland.

For more information and if you would like to contribute to their efforts you can contact We Are Marina del Rey : and/or visit  their website at:

If you would like to write a public representative about your opinion on  scheduling the hearing in Huntington Beach, you can send an e-mail to the people listed below. We Are Marina del Rey suggests that at the minimum you could request that the County provide a bus for those wishing to attend the meeting.

The Deputy Director of the South Central Coast District Coastal Commission Office:”Jack Ainsworth”<>

County Supervisor, Don Knabe:

County Supervisor, Zev Yarovslasky:

City Councilman, Bill Rosendahl:

California State Assembly:”BetsyButler”

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One Response to Coastal Commission Hearing Oct 5-7: Major Amendment to the MDR LCP

  1. Al & Ellen Hains says:

    This is so insane yet normal proceedure by the Coastal Commission. In the past, they have held meetings concerning MDR in Northern CA. Sure the developers and members of the LA County Board of Supervisors can afford the expense to attend but the public, those that need to be heard, are ruled out. So typical government mentality.

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