Report on Silver Strand Marina Homeowners Annual Meeting: October 12, 2011

The annual SSMHOA meeting at the Del Rey Yacht Club was a great success. Attracting a large number of homeowners, it was a full house. Prior to the meeting, there was half an hour of neighbors chatting with neighbors and enjoying delicious refreshments.

Homeowners left to right: Anna Cox, Beverly and Steve Pazuk, Lynn Morris, Myra and Ed Amorosi chat before the meeting. Photo Marilee Karlsen

Suzi Greenberg, Cindy Carlin and Jackie Rappaport. Photo Marilee Karlsen.

2010-11 SSMHOA Board: front row, l to r. John Conner, Nora Nicosia, Harryot Best. Standing, l to r, Michael Greenberg, Mary-Dorothy Line, John Nagy, Fred Karlsen, Patty Schnegg and Nate Nahmias. Photo Marilee Karlsen

Councilman Bill Rosendahl addresses SSMHOA. Photo Silverstrand News

Councilman Bill Rosendahl. Photo by Marilee Karlsen

City of Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl was the first guest speaker and got right to the point about Silver Strand residents’ concerns about the fence on the west side of the Ballona Lagoon which is in a sad and dangerous state of disrepair. He said that the City understood its responsibility and had obtained the funds to put it to rights. When he mentioned the time frame for completion, between 2012-13,  and the estimated cost of $370,000, homeowners expressed their total dismay as tax payers for what seemed to them to be an outrageous sum of money and bureaucratic delay. When Rosendahl called on the City engineer in charge of the project to explain things, he was unable to satisfy homeowners when asked about specifics. Several homeowners pointed out that SSMHOA had completed its side of the fence for a modest $35,000 in a matter of 2 months. While the City side is a third longer, nobody, including Rosendahl, seemed happy about the cost and the delay involved. Board member Patty Schnegg drew Rosendahl’s attention to possible liability issues if the matter was not corrected with all due speed.  Harrison Starr, who worked with the fence Committee in 2009-10, said that it was imperative that both sides of the fence match and provide a “frame” that aesthetically enhances what is an extraordinarily beautiful scenic vista and “the jewel in the crown” of the Silver Strand. The result of the dialogue was that Rosendahl asked SSMHOA to appoint a committee to meet with the City and provide their input on cost and type of materials which would be suitable.

The Lighthouse Bridge

At the suggestion of Board President, Fred Karlsen, SSMHOA is trying to get the Lighthouse Bridge, built around 1907, and the only remaining concrete bridge of the four which originally spanned the Ballona Lagoon, designated as an historic monument. Former Board member, Nate Nahmias succeeded in getting Rosendahl’s office interested in the  project and to help with cutting through the red tape. Sandra Starr volunteered to do the research. At the end of Rosendahl’s talk, Nahmias presented him with Starr’s preliminary study of the historic significance of the bridge.

Nancy Vernon Marino of We Are Marina del Rey. Photo Marilee Karlsen

Natalie Burdick of Heal the Bay. Photo Marilee Karlsen

SSMHOA Committee Reports:

Marilee Karlsen, co-chair of the Art Group (Block Captain Committee) along with Clarissa Cervantes, told of the success of the four tours held so far to galleries and museums throughout the city. Homeowner Cindy Carlin suggested that the tours be held on different days of the week as some who wanted to attend couldn’t do so on Thursdays. If you would like to join the Art Group see contact information below.

Michael Greenberg, Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, said that he had signed up 3 volunteers for the committee to date. Although he decided not to run for this year’s Board, he plans to work closely with the Board in making plans.

Nora Nicosia reported on behalf of the Landscaping Committee, saying that she has recruited 4 volunteers for the Committee in addition to herself who will inspect the Malls for problems every other week. They will report their findings to Nora who, in turn, will discuss any problems with Ray Garcia.  She has divided the Malls into three areas. Sandy Gooch and Maritza Rodriguez will be responsible for the Silver Strand entrance triangle, Ketch, Lighthouse and Mast Malls. Judy Coleman will take care of Northstar, Outrigger and Privateer. Anna Cox will do Quarterdeck, Reef, Spinnaker and Topsail. Ray will walk the Malls once a month with them.  Homeowners should feel free to report any landscaping issues to the volunteer in charge of their Mall. Contact information below.

Harryot Best

Harryot Best. Photo Silver Strand News

Nora thanked all the volunteers for their hard work and praised Harryot Best’s contribution to the landscaping and beautification of the Malls.  Harryot will remain on the Board but is stepping down as Landscaping Chair. Nora will send her all memos concerning landscaping so that she can continue in an advisory capacity. Harryot will also help Judy Coleman with Northstar Mall.

Ray will begin removing this season’s plantings on October 31. If homeowners would like to take the old annuals home, they can do so on October  30. Homeowners can also look at samples of the new plantings at 134 Spinnaker  a couple of weeks prior to that and make any suggestions to the volunteer in charge of their Mall.

Sandy Gooch Lederman. Photo Marilee Karlsen

Sandy Gooch Lederman spoke about the issue of installing artificial turf at the entrances to the Malls and brought samples which were passed around. Most homeowners seemed to prefer real grass despite the vulnerability to damage by dog walkers and were concerned about the expense of installing the artificial turf v.s. re-sodding.

Nora Nicosia, Chair of the Block Captain Committee, introduced all the Block Captains and mentioned their accomplishments over the past year. She reserved special praise for Jennifer Manoogian for Chairing the first Annual Block Party this past August

Marilee Karlsen and Stan Morris

and mentioned Suzi Greenberg and Sandra Starr who worked with Jennifer on the event. Nora also singled out Clarissa Cervantes for making the Art Tours such a success and welcomed Marilee Karlsen as new co-chair of same.

Nate Nahmias, Fred Karlsen and Sandra Starr. Photo Marilee Karlsen

Fred Karlsen thanked Sandra Starr for her work as editor and publisher of  The Silver Strand News blog which, although not officially connected to SSMHOA, carries many stories of interest to homeowners. Sandra told the audience that the blog  just celebrated its first year of on-line publication and had attracted 5,500 visitors to the site. She thanked Clarissa Cervantes and Marilee Karlsen for providing the blog photographs and Nora Nicosia for her inspiration in starting the project.

Mary-Dorothy Line, Treasurer, reported that the SSMHOA finances are healthy and that the bi-annual homeowners dues will be reduced again from $650 to $600. The Year End report by Michael Klein, CPA, was distributed to homeowners.

Fred Karlsen, SSMHOA Board President, followed with a list of the achievements of the Board in the last year making special note of the new fence on the Ballona Lagoon path. He reminded homeowners that if they change the original landscaping on the 4 foot buffer zone in front of their homes, they are responsible for maintaining same and must keep their plants from encroaching on the sidewalk. He also asked that homeowners on Roma Court whose gardens front onto the Lagoon path and fence make sure that their sprinkler systems are not damaging the fence or causing water to pool on the path. Finally, he encouraged homeowners to work with SSMHOA by actively participating in efforts to improve the Silver Strand.

Election Results: The Election Committee, Barbara Savant (homeowner) and Bali Management counted the ballots and announced that the following homeowners were elected to the 2011-12 SSMHOA Board: Harryot Best, Richard Cervantes (new Board member), John Conner, Fred Karlsen, Mary-Dorothy Line, Steve Mason (new Board member), John Nagy, Nora Nicosia and Patty Schnegg.

Contact Notes:

We Are Marina del Rey:  “Nancy Vernon Marino”<>

Heal the Bay

SSMHOA Landscaping Committee: Leave a comment below and the Silver Strand News will  forward.

Silver Strand Art Group: Leave a comment below and the Silver Strand News will forward.


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