Report on the SSMHOA Board Meeting November 14, 2011

The meeting opened with Linda Lucks, President of the Venice Neighborhood Council, giving a very informative talk about how the VNC supports the interests of  Silver Strand residents including opposing the Los Angeles County’s redevelopment proposals which threaten to increase traffic in our neighborhood. The VNC advises both the Los Angeles City Council and the Mayor. She also encouraged  SSMHOA to apply for a grant next year for repairing the natural history signs on the Ballona Lagoon path. First time applicants are not required to provide matching funds and the grant is up to $3000. The VNC website is As residents of Venice, Silver Strand homeowners are stakeholders. The VNC  meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month and Linda encouraged residents to attend.

The Board agreed to do a neighborly outreach by inviting the Presidents  of the Silver Strand Colony Homeowners Assocations on Via Dolce to the January Board meeting in order to discuss our mutual interests including the problem of dog owners damaging plantings, both on their property and the Silver Strand Malls.

Nora Nicosia, Board member and the new Chair of the Landscape Committee, gave a report. Harryot Best, Board member and former Chair, has stepped down but will continue as a Committee member. Other members of the Committee  present were Sandy Gooch and Maritza Rodriguez. Nora has succeeded in attracting a number of volunteers to the Landscaping Committee and described her plan to divide them up to inspect three Malls each. It was noted that the new planting of annuals, as usual, seems very sparse. The Board agreed to allocate $2300 for additional plants to fill in the bare spots. A homeowner mentioned that a new gopher colony has established itself on Mast Mall and done considerable damage. Ray Garcia has cut them off at the pass, but the sod needs to be repaired.

Sandy Gooch reported that homeowners on Lighthouse Mall have submitted a unanimous petition to have synthetic grass installed on both sides of the entrances to their Mall. Lighthouse bears the brunt of dog walking damage because it is the easiest way to access the Lighthouse Bridge and the Lagoon path. The Board agreed to a proposal presented by R&G Landscape and Design to install the artificial turf with the conditions that the R&G provide a warranty and description of the type of grass to be installed, provide an estimated cost of installing any remaining grass left over from Lighthouse, and confirm future maintenance costs.

The Fence Committee, consisting of Board members Fred Karlsen, Richard Cervantes and John Nagy, along with homeowners, Brad Cox, Richard Lysle and Michael Greenberg, met with the City of Los Angeles Department of Engineering to try and work out how the City could repair their side of the fence in a manner which would be aesthetically compatible with the SSMHOA fence. The fence proposed by the City is not only extremely expensive, but very ugly. Richard Lysle presented a very good set of talking points on this to bring up  at their next meeting with the City. This was a follow up to what  Bill Rosendahl had promised at his appearance at the SSMHOA Annual Meeting.

Security Committee. The Board requested that Bali Management send out an emergency contact form along with a cover letter in the January 2012 billing statement.


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