Record asking price for home on the Silver Strand

Normally, the Silver Strand News doesn’t cover this sort of thing, but the asking price of $5,850,000 on this house is a record, in a neighborhood where no home has sold for over 3 million in recent years,  so we thought it was newsworthy. The huge, state-of-the-art, 6 bedroom home at 4803 Roma Court was completed in late 2011 by a developer who, in the building process, became a subject of controversy among many Silver Strand homeowners due to the structure’s height, scale, set-backs, damage to the Quarterdeck mini-Mall (corrected by the builder at his expense after complaints) and his commandeering of  all parking spaces in the Quarterdeck parking niche next to the home for his workmen for many months.

In September of 2011, a home on Roma Court in the Silver Strand sold for 1,965,000. It was a 5,236 square foot house built in 1999 which priced out at $375 per square foot. 4803 Roma has 7,574 square feet of living space and is priced at $772 per square foot. Even though it is not typical of older homes in neighborhood,  if it sells at anywhere near asking, it will certainly boost property values for those homeowners within the SSMHOA  community.


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5 Responses to Record asking price for home on the Silver Strand

  1. taydigga7 says:

    I love just walking around this area.

  2. Another anonymous homeowner says:

    It is a fabulous home! Seems Strand homeowners should be happy in that it will help lift their property values. We need to be more tolerant when our neighbors are improving their homes. The owner employed a lot of people in building that house.

  3. Lynn Beyer says:

    I really enjoy the updates of what is happening in our little community
    Lynn S

  4. Brenda k. says:

    I can’t believe this is a spec house! I think this developer has OVER BUILT for the Silver Strand only time will tell.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great story….though $5.8m is about $3m too high. 🙂

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