SSMHOA Landscaping Request: Homeowners can you spare a Plant?

Nora Nicosia, Chair of the SSMHOA Landscaping Committee, has asked us to post this. The Landscaping Committee is in the process of upgrading the  planting areas in the Silver Strand Malls which haven’t been renovated since they were redone many years ago. Two members of the Committee have already donated their excess perennial plants, or divisions from same, from their patios which will be placed in the many bare spots in the Malls. One of these is Society Garlic which thrives under most soil and sun conditions and has the advantage of being dog unfriendly. Canines don’t like its smell. Lilies are another as, like all tubers, they can easily be divided.  You can contact Nora Nicosia via phone or email when you receive the new Welcome Packets with her information. In the meantime, please leave a comment below if your patio is overflowing with perennials or bushes and you would like to divest or divide.


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One Response to SSMHOA Landscaping Request: Homeowners can you spare a Plant?

  1. Nora Nicosia says:

    Thanks for placing this on the blog before you go on a well deserved vacation………Relax and enjoy………….Nora

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