Update on Via Marina Development

Rendering of Legacy Partners’ Neptune Marina Apartments. Courtesy Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will meet on Tuesday May 15, 2012 to approve the demolition of the 136-unit Neptune Apartments on the south side of Marquesas and Via Marina and replacement of same with a 400-unit apartment complex by the Legacy Partners Neptune Marina, L.P. The project, along with four others, has been opposed by many local residents, boating organizations, and State Assemblywoman Betsy Butler, Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl and the Venice Neighborhood Council. However, with the BOS and Coastal Commission’s approval of the Major Amendment to the MDR Land Use Plan, it will go forward.

  The complex will consist of three buildings, two of which will be 55 feet high and one, 60 feet high, exclusive of roof-top structures.  Sixty-two of the units will be affordable housing units. The plans include 909 underground parking spaces to accommodate residents.  The current 198 boat slips at that location will be reduced to 174.

 Legacy Partners are also expected to receive approval to build a fourth apartment building, across the street, on what is now a 202-space public parking lot, on the north side Marquesas Way and Via Marina. This will add another 126 rental units to the block. The parcel was originally designated as a public park which was promised by the County, but never built. Legacy will be required to build a 28 foot wide public walkway on the water side of the parcel.

All in all, these projects will add the following additional rental units to our neighborhood: The Shores 342 (already under construction); Legacy Neptune Marina 390; and the Woodfin Hotel 288 – a total of 1020 new units. This does not include the 297 units  to be added when the 500 unit Esprit II on Panay Way and Via Marina is built which would bring the total to 1308. Obviously residents of many of these units will drive more than one car. The County claims that this will not have an adverse effect on traffic on Via Marina and Admiralty Way and that the increases can be mitigated by adding more turn lanes and traffic lights. We Are Marina del Rey, the non-profit group which spear-headed opposition to several of these projects, commissioned its own traffic study in 2011 and stated that the County’s study underestimated the traffic impact by 85%. We will soon see who was right.

In addition, the BOS will also be approving the so-called  “Wetland Park” on Via Marina at Tahiti. This project is considered by many as a sop thrown out to the community and the Coastal Commission to alleviate wide-spread public opposition to these developments  and the elimination of the original park proposal mentioned above.  The small 1.46 acre “park” is sited on a designated wetland and will include educational signage and a viewing area.

The May 15 BOS meeting will begin at 8:30am at the Kenneth Hahn Building,  500 West Temple Street, Los Angeles 90012.


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One Response to Update on Via Marina Development

  1. Nora Nicosia says:

    Thanks Sandy for keeping us informed……….With traffic a problem now, it is outrageous…….I can’t make the earlly meeting, what else can I do to stop this madness?…………Nora

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