New Street Lights in the Silver Strand

The City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Street Lighting Bureau, has installed new LED (Light Emitting Diode) street lights in the Silver Strand. According to the Department, these modern fixtures, which will be installed throughout Los Angeles, will save 40% in energy use and roughly 40,500 tons of carbon emissions a year. The lights will also greatly increase night-time visibility for pedestrians and cars in our neighborhood.

The new lights are also much brighter and whiter than the old lights. Some residents have found that they create a glare in their 2nd-story rooms. Michael Greenberg,recently elected as an interim SSMHOA Board member, has volunteered to oversee street and lighting issues in the Silver Strand. He has told us that if any homeowner finds the glare disturbing, they can contact him and he will arrange for the City to install “side guards” on the fixtures which will direct the light downwards. The City would like to install these in one visit, so please leave a comment below, as soon as possible, if you want to request a side guard and we will forward to Michael.


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12 Responses to New Street Lights in the Silver Strand

  1. Gwen Gordon says:

    Today (6/20/12) the city light crew came to adjust the street lights, supposedly according to our requests. If I had not been at home during this operation, we would have been overlooked entirely, since according to the workers they only had a statement from across the street. Yet I responded to this blog on 5/17/12. What happened there??
    Regardless to what happened, the last minute solution (adding an eyelash to the light fixture), due entirely to my being home at the time, is unacceptable. Now the ‘block’ or ‘light shield’ they added to protect the property across the street reflects even more light into our window than before.
    I would like some response please.

  2. Angela and Les Durrant says:

    If it’s not too late, we would like to have side guards placed on the new lights by our house.
    117 Topsail Mall.

    Thank you.

  3. Hugh says:

    Please include 4507 Roma Court for the LED Light Shade installation. The LED Light is quite bright into the second floor rooms. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for thinking of this !! Hugh Chen

  4. Gwen Gordon says:

    Please include 135 Lighthouse Court in the street light shade program. Thank you, Gwen Gordon

  5. Eileen Nugent says:

    The light at Lighthouse Ct. and Via Dolce shines right into my bedroom window which is on the 2nd floor directly across from the light. Don’t know if anyone noticed but they alos changed on Via Colce however the poles are mcuh higher than they are on the Cts in the Silver Strand-Thanks for taking care of this since I did not know who to contact or if anything could be done
    Eileen Nugent

  6. Eric Beane says:

    We live at 130 Topsail Mall and would very much like blinders placed on the lightpost outside our house – on the Via Dante side – as the new brighter light shines directly into our kitchen. Thanks for helping to fix.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please include 4419 Roma Court in the Street Light shade installation. The fixture in front of our house really blasts into the back bedrooms. Thank You!!! John Conner

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