Report on SSMHOA meeting May 14, 2012: New Board member appointed

 Here are the highlights of the regular meeting of the SSMHOA, Following the resignation of Board member Steve Mason, SSMHOA voted to appoint Michael Greenberg as an interim Board member until the October election. Michael was one of four candidates who expressed interest in running and was a Board member in 201o-11, after which he stepped down due his busy work schedule. Michael volunteered to be Chair of the Streets and Lighting Committee and has already been in touch with the City of Los Angeles regarding installing “side guards” on those homes impacted by the new, whiter and brighter, LED lights installed on the Silver Strand.

Jennifer Manoogian, Chair of the Annual Block Party reported that things are moving along and presented the Board with the design for the flyer which will be hand delivered to homeowners by the Block Captains. There was a discussion of what role Berman and Kandel, sponsors of the party, would play in the event.

Nora Nicosia, Chair of the Landscaping Committee, was unable to be present, but sent a report which   Fred  read to the Board. She said that the Silver Strand Triangle has been completed within budget. The Lighthouse mini-Mall has been transformed into a lovely entry to the community. The Landscape Committee has been using the $3300 allotted to it to upgrade the Malls. Currently, the renovation of Mast and Spinnaker Malls is underway. Nora suggested that the Board hold a special meeting, to be held at her house on May 22 at 7:30pm, in addition to  the regular Board meeting, to discuss landscaping issues. Landscaping issues take more time than is available at the regular meetings and are a major SSMHOA budget item. She also noted that the Landscape Committee, consisting of herself, Harryot Best, Sandy Gooch, Anna Cox, and Maritza Rodriguez spend many hours as volunteers inspecting the Malls on a weekly basis, noting problems and working with Ray Garcia, SSMHOA, landscaping contractor. Nora suggested that the Board express their appreciation to the Committee.

As we know, many Mall entrances, despite resodding, are consistently degraded by dog urine. Maritza Rodriguez reported that there is enough left-over artificial grass for one more Mall entrance. The turf has already been installed at the entrances to Lighthouse and Privateer Malls. She suggested that the remaining turf be installed on Mast Mall which is the third most impacted entrance. Block Captain, Sandra Starr, will poll owners on Mast re their willingness to proceed with this. If other Malls would like to have the artificial turf installed they should contact Nora Nicosia (see your Welcome Packet for her contact information or leave a comment below).

Board member, Richard Cervantes, volunteered to help Maritza Rodriguez to prepare a check list for each Mall which could be used by the Landscape Committee during their inspections.

Emergency Preparedness. Richard Cervantes, Committee Chair, reported that he had met with Bill Boyd and Nora Nicosia and is formulating plans to engage homeowners in this effort.

Welcome Packet: Sandra Starr reported that the delivery of the Welcome Packet to resident homeowners is complete. She said that Fred Karlsen, Nora Nicosia and herself had decided that only resident homeowners would receive the packet as the material was not pertinent to absentee owners.



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2 Responses to Report on SSMHOA meeting May 14, 2012: New Board member appointed

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, we would like to request guards on our street lamp.

    4719 Roma Ct. (cross street – Quarterdeck)

    Thank you.

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