The Shores, Via Marina, Marina del Rey, CA

The Shores, Marina del Rey, design Nadel Architects, Inc.

The Shores, Marina del Rey, design Nadel Architects, Inc.

This project, as you may have noticed when driving home, is proceeding apace. Unfortunately, the design of the structure inflicts a serious aesthetic impact on Via Marina. The setbacks from the street are very limited, which means that the central and longest part of the massive 544 unit complex, looms very large over Via Marina. What used to feel like an expansive entry to the Strand on Via Marina from the north, now feels claustrophobic. Furthermore, the patriotic colors chosen for The Shores, i.e. red, white and blue, seem garish and out of keeping with the low-key tones of the rest of MDR. This project is brought to us courtesy of developer Jerry Epstein and his partners, the actor Kirk Douglas and Guardian Life. Financing is being provided by a $125-million loan from Red Mortgage Capital, Inc., insured by the Department of Housing and Development HUD). The 1 and 2-bedroom units will be available for rental in 2013 at an estimated price range of $2550-3700.

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4 Responses to The Shores, Via Marina, Marina del Rey, CA

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does it conform to local zoning. Was it designed to attract renters for whom it is intended?

    • Due to problems with spam, we are no longer accepting posts from “Anonymous” commenters. Comments function as Letters to the Editor, so we require that you give your name and general location, i.e. MDR, Venice, etc. Please repost your comment with this in mind and we will try and answer your query.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, it was approved by your elected representatives.
    Time for a change?

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