Report on Regular SSMHOA Board Meeting, July 9, 2012

Fred Karlsen, SSMHOA Board President, was out of town, so Vice-President Mary-Dorothy Line chaired the meeting.

Home Owner Forum: Several homeowners on Topsail Mall attended and requested that the Board ask Security Systems to vary the locations where the Silver Strand patrol cars change shifts in the early hours of the morning and to keep their voices low. A motion to do so was approved.

Landscape Committee: Nora Nicosia, Chair, announced that Sandy Gooch has agreed to co-Chair the Committee with her and be present at Board meetings if Nora is unable to attend. Editors note: The work that the Landscape Committee does is a labor of love involving many, many hours on the part of homeowner volunteers including Nora, Sandy, Harryot Best, Anna Cox, Linda Evans-Smith, Maritza Rodriguez and Angela Durrant, who  has helped Nora with the large amount of paperwork involved.

There is leftover artificial grass from the previous two installations on entrances to the Mall. The majority of Ketch and Mast Mall residents want the artificial turf installed, however Ketch was able to obtain enough resident’s signatures before Mast Mall. Nora will contact Ray Garcia to determine which Mall has adequate entrance space for the remainder of the turf.

Nora suggested that more money was needed for improving the Mall and mini-Mall landscaping, beyond the amount specified in Ray Garcia’s contract. It was agreed that Nora would meet with Mary-Dorothy and arrive at a specific amount which would then be presented to the Board at the next regular meeting.

Sandy Gooch uses a management company and is willing to pay them out of her own pocket for keeping records on monies spent on landscaping. Mary-Dorothy agreed to contact them with the details.

Nora will discuss a couple of issues with Ray Garcia including 1) Allowing a Landscape Committee member to be given a control device for the sprinklers. 2) Making a provision in the contract with Ray for after-hours and weekend emergencies concerning the sprinklers.

Block Captain Committee: Nora Nicosia, Chair.  Debbie Schneider of Bali Management will inform Nora and Block Captains when changes in ownership occur so that Block Captains can deliver Welcome packets to new owners on their Mall.

Annual Block Party: Jennifer Manoogian, Block Captain and Chair of the ad hoc Annual Block Party is working closely with Berman and Kandel, corporate sponsors of this year’s event. The date of the event was changed from Saturday, August 25 to Sunday, August 26, 2012 in order to accommodate various participants that Berman and Kandel have arranged for. [Invitations to the event with new date have already been dropped off to homeowner’s mailboxes].

Emergency Preparedness: Committee Chair, Richard Cervantes has met with Board Member Michael Greenberg who is a CERT trained first responder. The Emergency Preparedness Form, distributed by Block Captains in March and April as part of the Welcome Packet, contains information re those homeowners who have expressed interest in being on this Committee. Richard will be contacting them.

Streets and Lighting: Committee Chair, Michael Greenberg reported that several homeowners have problems with the glare from the new LED lights. Michael arranged for the City to install “back shields” to try and address this. However, homeowners who still have a problem with glare should send an email to Division Manager: “James Quigley” <> requesting “side shields.” His phone number is 213-847-1826. The side shields are not kept in stock by the the City, but they can be ordered and  installed at the request of individual homeowners.

Michael also reported that the City has put the slurry sealing coating of Silver Strand Streets on fast track. This is a process used to extend the surface life  of roads.

The brick trip hazard on the Lighthouse Mall walkway will be completed in the next few weeks.

The next regular SSMHOA Board meeting will be on Monday, September 10, 2012. Location and Agenda to be announced.


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