Bicycle Theft on Lighthouse Mall

A homeowner on Lighthouse Mall reports that two bikes were stolen from her garage recently. She thinks her housekeeper may  have neglected to close the garage door when taking out the trash.

Reminder: Please make sure you, your employees and workmen close your garage door immediately after completing all tasks.


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One Response to Bicycle Theft on Lighthouse Mall

  1. Hugh says:

    I highly recommend a garage door detector. There are models that will give an audio signal or LED light display when the garage door is open (I prefer one with audio). There are devices that will automatically close the garage door after a certain few minutes.

    Example of garage door detector:

    I actually have this model. I had to clamp the motion detector to the garage door because the double-sided tape was not secure enough. The audio beep is anoying but that’s the point !!

    Example of auto-door closer:

    But if the auto-door closer fails for some reason, you won’t know the garage is still open unless you have the other device above.

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