Power Outages in the Silver Strand, MDR: What action has been taken so far.

In response to comments received by the Silver Strand News following the latest power outage on July 31, 2012, here is a recap of our post from April 28, 2012 concerning what the LADWP has promised in terms of repairs. As we reported on August 1, 2012, Fred Karlsen contacted Ms. Cross on August 1, 2012 about the most recent outage.

On behalf of the Board of Silver Strand Marina Homeowners Association, Harryot Best wrote to Ronald O Nichols, General Manager of the LADWP complaining about the outages. In his reply of March 16, 2012, Nichols admitted that there was a problem and committed to do the following: 1) Replace in excess of 3,000 feet of prematurely fatigued underground high-voltage  cable.2) Increase the inspection cycle of LADWP underground structures and equipment in the area.3) Ensure all overhead electrical components of the involved circuits are functional, several of which have already been replaced.Nichols stated that these steps “will be implemented without delay.”

Following the most recent power outage, Bill Boyd, Silver Strand homeowner and member of the Venice Neighborhood Council – Power Outages Task Force, emailed Victoria Cross at the LADWP on April 25 to find out what the specific problem was and to ask about what progress was being made on Nichols’ promises to SSMHOA. Ms. Cross is  the LADWP liason for our area.  She responded on April 25 thatIt’s an underground failure we’re working as quickly as possible to complete it.”
Ms. Cross sent another email to Bill on April 27, 2012 saying that:
 Crews are working in several places as we speak.  The cable job on Speedway will begin on or about May 7th through at least September.  Besides the new cable, we will also be replacing 28 underground transformers, switches, and associated hardware and grounds.  That work is beginning next week and probably will last at least a full year.  We are also going to seal substructures to see if it is effective in slowing down the degradation of cables and equipment due to salt water intrusion.
Already we have increased the inspection cycle of underground structures and equipment in the area. 
Overhead crews are currently inspecting the entire overhead portion of the circuit from Pacific Av and 17th Av working south to Pacific Av and Fleet St. including the areas covering the Grand Canal Walk, Strongs Drive and Grand Channel on the east and Speedway on the west.  This work will continue for at least a year and a half. 


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One Response to Power Outages in the Silver Strand, MDR: What action has been taken so far.

  1. Nora Nicosia says:

    Thanks Sandy for continuously keeping us informed and also thanks Bill for your help in resolving this problem…………Nora

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