Michael Greenberg, Chair of SSMHOA Streets and Lighting Committee, has asked us to announce that the City will be slurry-coating all SSMHOA streets on Thursday,
August 16, 2012. Please notify your construction workers, and any others who may be affected.

What you need to Know:

On Wednesday, August 15, starting at 6pm:

No parking anywhere on Roma Court, including the parking niches, and Ketch through Topsail Court. Vehicles left there after that time will be towed.

All Garbage bins, construction materials, including dumpsters and scaffolding must be removed  from Roma Court, and Ketch through Topsail Court streets by 6am on Thursday, August 16. You should prepare for this in advance on Wednesday, August 15.

Thursday, August 16, 6am-6pm:

During this period, you will not be able to move your car out of your garage after 7am on Thursday or move it back in before 6pm.

Alternate Parking: Via Dolce


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