Election Results for 2012-13 Board of Directors, Silver Strand Marina Homeowners Association

  This was a close election. On October 25, 2012, after twice counting all ballots submitted, homeowners elected the following homeowners to serve on the Board of 2o12-13 Silver Strand Marina Homeowners Association:

Fred Karlsen (right) receiving award from City of Los Angeles from Mark Antonio Grant

President: Fred Karlsen, elected for a 3rd term to this office. Supervises and coördinates all SSMHOA Committees and their activities. He was recently awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles for his community efforts.

Michael Greenberg

Vice-President: Michael Greenberg, serving his 3rd term on the Board. Formerly Chair of the Fence Committee and Emergency Preparedness Committee. Currently Chair of the Streets and Lighting Committee. Michael recently completed the project of getting the City to repave the deteriorated Court streets and Roma Court. This year he will undertake the repair of the paving on the parking niches.

Patty Schnegg

Secretary: Patty Schnegg, a Board member and Chair of the Security Committee of long standing. She oversees the security patrolling of SSMHOA and acts as a liaison to the the LAPD on behalf of SSMHOA.

Mary-Dorothy Line

Treasurer: Mary-Dorothy Line, Board member and Treasurer for many years. Also a Block Captain. Mary-Dorothy continues to keep a clear-headed and watchful eye on the SSMHOA budget.


Harryot Best

Harryot Best: Board member and former Chair of the Landscaping Committee for many years. Currently a Member of the Landscaping Committee and co-Block Captain. Her beautiful hydrangea, planted from 75 year old root stock, is a landmark on Northstar Mall

John Conner, the Ultimate DIY Silver Strand Homeowner, finishing up painting his house

John Conner: Board member for many years. Chair Ballona Lagoon Path Committee. Keeps his eye on the condition of the path and resupplies doggie bags on the Esplanade. His garden on the Lagoon is one of the most beautiful in our neighborhood.

Anna Cox digging deeper.

Anna Cox: This will be her first term as a Board Director. She is a past and current member of the Landscaping Committee and a Block Captain  Anna can often be found digging deeper on Quarterdeck and Reef Malls with her trusty wheelbarrow at her side.

Nora Nicosia( right), receiving Silver Strand News 2012 Homeowner Volunteer of the Year Award from Sandra Starr

Nora Nicosia: A Board member since 1990. Founding Chair of the Landscaping  Committee, Emergency Preparedness Committee, Silver Strand Block Captain Committee, Annual Silver Strand Block Party Committee and the Silver Strand Art Group. Now co-Chair of the Landscape Committee and the Silver Strand Art Group and Chair of the Block Captain Committee. This year she will continue in her efforts to renovate the landscaping in the Malls and mini-Malls.  She is the first recipient of the 2012 Silver Strand News Homeowner Volunteer of the Year Award.

Maritza Rodriguez

Maritza Rodriguez: This will be her first term on the Board. She is a past and current member of the Landscaping Committee and recently renovated the Silver Strand Triangle by personally purchasing and hand-planting the new fall annuals at the entrance to our neighborhood. Maritza plans to spend the next year improving the sprinkler system in the Malls and mini-Malls so that they operate at maximum efficiency and at minimal cost.

Photographs by Clarissa Cervantes and Marilee Karlsen


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