Halloween 2012 on Roma Court in the Silverstrand, Marina del Rey, CA

First Prize Pumpkin: The goddess Medusa complete with crawling snakes.

The Annual Silver Strand Halloween Celebration began in the 1980s when homes on the Strand were few and far between. Many of the new residents had children living in isolation from traditional trick-or-treat sites. At the request of his young daughter, pioneering homeowner John Conner took the initiative and decorated his garage as a site for spooks. Other homeowners followed. Eventually the event became the annual extravaganza that it is today attracting families, not only from the Silver Strand, but from adjacent communities. It’s popularity is due to the fact that is a safe place for families and their children and because homeowners on Roma Court go all out to provide a wonderful evening for everyone.

The first sign that something odd was about to happen on Roma Court had to do with our beloved Halloween Mascot, the Wicked Witch of the Silver Strand, who perches on a Northstar Mall roof.

The Wicked Witch of the Silver Strand at 5:30pm. Now you see her…

Now you don’t.  By 6pm she has begun her flight up and down Roma Court.

As usual, strange apparitions began appearing on Roma around 5:30pm. First a trickle, then a stream and finally a mass. They were the living and the dead, some very small, some very large. There were witches, devils, insects, princesses, pirates, ghouls, cabbages and kings and all manner of things.

Splendid Offerings Await for Trick-or-Treaters:

Lacking a garage fronting on Roma, the Ledermans set up a table with goodies.

First Prize: Most appreciative Trick-or-Treater.

Participants this year, whether homeowners or trick-0r-treaters, were exceptionally creative this year.

Best Homeowner Exterior Display:

First Prize Exterior: As usual, the Garlands went all out.

The Garland’s side yard

Best Garage Displays:

Best Witches (with entourage):

Beautiful Ladies of the Night (Halloween Night that is). Marilee, Myra, Clarissa and Beverly. First Prize: Myra for her incredible witch hat and necklace.

The venerable Chair of the Queens of the Night. Nora did a fly by.

Best Devils:

First Prize Devil: Someone caught Beverly by the Tail

Best Pirates:

Best Inflatable Ensemble:

Best Figures from Literature and Film:

First Prize: The Huntsman from “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra”

Charles Dickens’ Tiny Tim, or perhaps David Copperfield

Best Insects and other Creatures:

First Prize Insects



First Prize: Most exotic creature

Best Religious Figures:

Best Good Samaritans:

First Prize Good Samaritan: But is she? Check out those horns.

A Harried Doctor rushing to aid a Ghoul

Scariest Ghouls:

First Prize: Scariest Ghoul.

Best Canines:

Best Individual Costumes:

First Prize Contemporary Figure: Who knew that Michael Phelps lived on the Silver Strand? Well…this homeowner did.

What event would be complete without an Angry Bird

A fabulous printing calculator

First Prize most elegant costume and make-up. Anna, our own Roma Court Jester

Thanks to Cindy C., Rene Magritte’s famous bowler hat reappeared on Roma Court.

First Prize Historical Figure: The Master of Surrealism visits the Silver Strand on Halloween and feels right at home.


At 8:00am, the morning after, the Wicked Witch of the Silver Strand was still absent from her rooftop perch. We were informed that following her final flight this Halloween, she was rushed to the world-renown Weather Vane Hospital in Los Angeles, where she is recuperating from surgery to replace some of her rusted parts. Too many flights over the last 30 years have taken their toll. We are told she will return to her post before Halloween 2013.

With thanks, as always, to our Photographers:

Clarissa Cervantes

Marilee Karlsen


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7 Responses to Halloween 2012 on Roma Court in the Silverstrand, Marina del Rey, CA

  1. Jeanette says:

    I came across this in search of a history of this wonderful Halloween event, that my family has now made a tradition. We live on neighboring Tahiti Way. We were shocked to see a photo of my sister, Queen Amidala and my daughter, a Pirate!!! Thank you so much everyone for your generosity and great creativity! The Frontera family thanks you!!!

  2. Brenda k. says:

    Thank u for the wonderful pictures ! We were able to experience this great event without being there. Brenda Kronsberg

  3. Nora Nicosia says:

    That was the best slide show of our Halloween happening ever……….But you were also one of the photographers Sandy Starr…………Nora

  4. lynn beyer says:

    Very proud of the Strand-I got them after the party and they were very happy and tired.

  5. Great coverage !!! We had fun…

  6. Cindy says:

    loved the pictures and all the commentary!

  7. Claudine Lawler says:

    Oh my goodness. I promise the witch will be back in action asap. � She was on vacation for a little r & r! � Great newsletter! � Best, � Claudine Lawler


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