Update on SSMHOA Landscape Committee

The SSMHOA Landscape Committee:

Nora Nicosia

Nora Nicosia, Founding Chair of the SSMHOA Landscape Committee. Supervises Quarterdeck and Spinnaker Mall

Sandy Gooch, co-Chair SSMHOA Landscape Committee

Sandy Gooch, co-Chair SSMHOA Landscape Committee. She supervises the triangle entrance to the Silver Strand and Ketch, Lighthouse and Mast Mall.

Harryot Best, Chair of the Landscaping Committee: photo Silver Strand News

Harryot Best. Supervises Northstar Mall

Anna Cox digging deeper

Anna Cox digging deeper. She supervises Reef Mall

Linda Evans-Smith

Linda Evans-Smith. Supervises Privateer Mall

Maritza Rodriguez

Maritza Rodriguez. Works with Sandy Gooch on entrance to the Silver Silver Strand. She is in charge of supervising Outrigger and Privateer Mall and the irrigation system in the Malls.

Nora Nicosia, co-Chair with  Sandy Gooch, of the SSMHOA Landscaping Committee, has given us a report on the accomplishments of the Committee. The basic planting of the fall annuals was completed in a record 10 days so that the Malls would look good for Thanksgiving. It happened as a result of the coordinated efforts of Ray Garcia of RG Design, co-Chairs, Nora Nicosia and Sandy Gooch and Committee members, Harryot Best, Anna Cox, Linda Evans-Smith and Maritza Rodriguez. The planting was held back due to unseasonably warm weather which meant that the Spring annuals continued to bloom longer than usual and putting in the cool weather fall flowers any earlier would have resulted in a die off.

Given the current SSMHOA budget restraints, the new goal of the Committee is to add  more flowering perennials, like lantana, in order to reduce the need for annuals which require replacement every season. The perennials will be planted in the next few weeks. The Committee has been able to reduce the number of annual flats from 30 to 25 on eight Malls and to 20 flats on two others by using pebbles and small boulders to fill in the bare spots. In terms of the perennials, which have been in the ground for five years, the Committee has begun splitting and transplanting some of them to maximize current green “assets.” This is an ongoing project. Maritza Rodriguez, Board and Landscape Committee member, has volunteered to take charge of supervising the sprinkler system to ensure that timers are working and heads are functioning correctly and replaced when broken.

The next project which the Committee is undertaking will be a review of the 4-foot strips in front of each home on the Malls. These strips are, in fact, not part of the individual homeowner’s property, but belong to what is known as the “common areas,” which SSMHOA is responsible for according to our development  permit from the Coastal Commission. Under the current rules, homeowners who have not replaced the original plantings in the 4-foot strip are not responsible for watering or maintenance costs. Those, however, who have replaced the original plantings, and have changed sprinklers are required to attach these to their own water meters. Furthermore, owners who have installed trees, shrubs, etc to replace the original plantings, need to know that they are responsible for any damage done to the Mall sidewalks as a result of same. The Landscape Committee has delivered a flyer on this 4’ strip to your homes and will be following through on contacting homeowners for their help with any problems.

    The six members of the SSMHOA Landscape Committee work incredibly hard 52 weeks of the year in order to keep the Silver Strand Malls and mini-Malls in first-rate condition. Apart from the attractions of our homes being adjacent to the Ballona Lagoon, the MDR harbor and the beach, the beautiful landscaping in the Silver Strand Malls is unique and distinguishes the community from other areas in Los Angeles, adding to the property values of homes here.


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2 Responses to Update on SSMHOA Landscape Committee

  1. Nora Nicosia says:

    Thanks Sandy……….Always great reporting and thanks to all the Landscsape committee members who do work so hard to keep our Silver Strand Community looking spectacularly, uniquely, beautiful.

  2. Lynn Beyer says:

    Thank you ladies for all the hard work you do to keep our
    Malls beautiful.
    Lynn Beyer

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