Tree removal on Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey

As you may have noticed, the Ficus trees on Admiralty way have been cut down to stumps. Carol Baker, of the Los Angeles  County Department of Beaches and Harbors, informs us that the trees that have been cut down are Ficus which have very invasive roots which cause upheaval in roads and sidewalks and are also capable of getting into sewage and water lines. The Ficus stumps have been left in place as markers until they are replaced with native trees. Once the new trees have been planted, they will be removed. The paving on Admiralty is now rough due to all the work that has been done. The County will be smoothing it out with hot mix asphalt in the coming months,


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6 Responses to Tree removal on Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey

  1. Shana Koenig says:

    They are now taking down many Paper Trees on Palawan Way and in two day just took down over 10 Ficus on Washington Blvd, at the corner of Palawan Way where the old Marina International Hotel is being renovated.

    Also where they finished construction on Admiralty Way they have filled it in with paving stones and concrete, not native trees or even flowers!!! What will happen to the rest of the Marina?

  2. D says:

    Why are the eucalyptus trees on Panay Way being chainsawed down now, on New Years Eve ?

    • Thanks for your query. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Department of Beaches Harbors and Design Control Review Board
      are planning to remove selected trees on the Mole Roads, i.e. Mindinao, Bali, Palawan, Panay, Marquesas and Tahiti Way, which they deem damaging
      to the streets/sidewalks or diseased. Of the 35 trees on Panay Way, they are removing 16 Cajeput (Melaleuca) trees. According the report,
      they plan to replace them with the Arbutus Marina.

  3. Angela says:

    I read in the Argonaut that the trees that they are going to replace the Ficus trees are not actually native to California but native to other countries, so what they are telling us is misleading.

  4. Nora Nicosia says:

    Thanks Sandy…….you are the go to gal for local info……Nora

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