Update on Tree Removal Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey

The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors reports that the Department of Public Works has changed the “palette” of trees to be planted on the Admiralty Way Median. It will replace the Ficus trees which have been cut down due to the damage their invasive roots cause to the roadway. The former plan included some non-native trees. The  Los Angeles Board of Supervisers subsequently required the DPW to present a revised plan with trees that are native and drought tolerant. The new tree list includes: Island Manzanita, Laurel Sumac, Island Oak, Summer Holly, California Bay Laurel, Catalina Ironwood and Catalina Ceanothus. The replanting will take place in 2013 following completion of the Admiralty Way improvement project. The Ficus tree stumps will left in as markers until the new trees are put in.


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One Response to Update on Tree Removal Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey

  1. Al Hains says:

    “Admiralty Way improvement project”!!!! HO, HO, HO. More correctly stated, “The Marina del Rey Destruction Project”. FOR SURE, FOR SURE, FOR SURE. The County Board of Supers is having a jolly good time, yes sir, for sure.

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