Second Power Outage in 3 days

In response the last night’s power failure, Fred Karlsen,  President of SSMHOA sent the following email to the Department of Water and Power this morning:
We in the Silver Strand suffered another blackout last night, the second in this new year. At 3:06 am, we lost all power. Again, most homeowners were awakened in the dead of night by chirping and beeping of security and smoke alarms.
Power was not restored until approximately 7:25 am, meaning that the area had no power for more than four hours. Homeowners with early responsibilities were required to manually open heavy garage doors. Our elderly owners who are dependent upon elevators were confined. The outage turned off  computers, loosing unsaved data.
This situation cannot continue.
I look forward to hearing from you, and a meaningful explanation and discussion at our Monday meeting.

Fred Karlsen, President


About The Silver Strand News

Resident of the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey, California
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4 Responses to Second Power Outage in 3 days

  1. Anonymous says:

    Silver Strand adjacent, Mariners Village had a brownout turning to blackout for about 18 hrs beginning last night. First time I’ve experienced a brownout. Very disturbing

  2. Anonymous says:

    Our power is still out on the penninsula (Pacific Ave between Eastwind & Fleet. DWP estimates it won’t be until @ 1pm that the power is restored.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We need to keep up the pressure on DWP. The power outages have been getting more frequent and longer over the last few years. Obviously there is a serious infrastructure problem that is not being addressed. Totally unacceptable

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