Upcoming Block Captain Committee Meeting, January 30, 2013

The first 2013 meeting of the SSMHOA Block Captains meeting will be on Wednesday, January 30 at 7:30pm.  The location is 114 Quarterdeck Mall. Since Block Captain meetings take place only a couple of times a year, Nora Nicosia, Chair, urges you to attend. Fred Karlsen, President of SSMHOA will be there to discuss plans for the Annual Block Party. Nora has come up with the idea for a series of “mini-parties” to be held annually throughout the year. the mini-parties are designed to give near neighbors the opportunity to get to know each other and also to welcome new homeowners on their Malls and adjacent homes on Roma Court. Beverly Pazak has agreed to coordinate them. Nora has divided up the SSMHOA Malls, with each mini-party headed by a Block Captain/s and including two adjacent Malls. The date, time and type of party, whether brunch, cocktails or dinner,  will be at the discretion of the Block Captains. In all cases, it will be a potluck event with residents contributing food and drink. Sandra Starr, editor of The Silver Strand News, will talk about the blog and be looking for input from the Block Captains. She will also report on the delivery of the Welcome Packet to new homeowners and the need for Block Captains to insert updated information on the SSMHOA Board of Directors and list of Block Captains. The Silver Strand Art Group Committee will report on their past and future events and welcome new Committee member Angela Durrant.


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Resident of the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey, California
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