Crime Prevention: An Open Garage Door is an Open Invitation to Burglars

Our neighborhood is virtually crime-free because we have 24/7 patrol service. However, lest we be lulled into a false sense of security, our patrol service,  Security Systems, reports that garages left unattended with open doors in the Silver Strand are a recurrent problem which attract burglars to our neighborhood.

Here are two recent examples:

1)  A home owner on Ketch Mall recently reported the following:

A tall, thin, light-skinned man wearing a baseball cap walked into my neighbor’s garage with the intent to steal their bicycles.  The garage door was open because she had a worker doing some work.  When the worker came into the garage, he asked the man what he was doing there and the man fled.  I was standing outside when Security Service patrol came to respond to the neighbor’s call and he said the man fit the description of another bicycle theft in the neighborhood recently.  I think it’s important to remind us all that we do need to be vigilant and watchful.

2) Another homeowner reports that their neighbor on Via Dolce and Northstar  opened his garage door and put a bag in the trunk, left the trunk and garage door open and ran into the house to get more. When he came out he found the first bag gone and looked down the street and saw a woman with his bag hurrying away. He ran after her and had a tug of war, finally pulling the bag away from her.  This was at 6:30 a.m. The woman fled.  Note: The police recommend that you not confront a perpetrator directly. Instead, call 911 and Security Systems (310-477-2095).

It takes only a minute for a thief to grab and run. Or worse, enter your house from the garage. Let’s work together to eliminate this problem. Don’t make yourself  or your neighbors a target.

Bottom Line: Remind yourself and anybody working for you not to leave your garage unattended for one minute or, better yet, one nanosecond. Please report all thefts, attempted and otherwise, to both the Police and Security Systems.


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One Response to Crime Prevention: An Open Garage Door is an Open Invitation to Burglars

  1. Anonymous says:

    The first week after we had moved in (about 15 years ago), I left my garage open, and both bikes were taken. Looks like the problem continues and can only be solved by making sure that YOU SEE the garage door closing before you leave its sight.

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