Silver Strand MDR Event for Mike Bonin, 11th District Councilman Candidate, a great Success.

Maritza and Bonin

Maritiza Rodriguez, hostess of the event and Mike Bonin, Candidate for the Los Angeles 11th District Council Seat. Photo Marilee Karlsen

    Maritza Rodriguez, Silver Strand homeowner, hosted to a “Meet and Greet” event for Mike Bonin who is running as a candidate for Bill Rosendahl’s 11th District Council seat in the upcoming Primary Election this coming Tuesday, March 5th, 2013. Rosendahl is stepping down to focus on his recovery from cancer. As they waited for things to begin, 60 residents from the Silver Strand and adjacent neighborhoods were treated to a veritable feast laid out by Maritza with drinks expertly mixed, shaken, stirred and poured by her son.

Fred Karlsen introducing Mike Bonin (far right). Mark Antonio Grant (center) and Nora Nicosia (seated).

Fred Karlsen introducing Mike Bonin (far right). Maritza Rodriguez and Mark-Antonio Grant (center) and Nora Nicosia (seated left). Photo Marilee Karlsen

   By the time Silver Strand homeowner Fred Karlsen introduced Bonin, the crowd had reached “standing room only” proportions. Fred, who worked with Bonin’s office to arrange the event,  described how beneficial Rosendahl’s office had been to the Silver Strand on projects including the installing a new fence on the Esplanade path. He said that Bonin is Rosenthal’s hand-picked successor and emphasized how important it is to have an advocate in City Hall.

    He was followed by Mark-Antonio Grant, Special Assistant to Councilman Rosendahl, who talked about Bonin’s philosophy of ensuring that neighborhoods in the 11th District have an advocate who will look after their concerns and who has a vested interest in our community (Bonin, like Rosendahl, lives in Mar Vista).

     Bonin began his remarks by saying that he had worked in City Hall for 17 years, most recently with Rosendahl for the last 8 years and prior to that with Janice Hahn and Ruth Galanter [all of whom have endorsed him]. He talked about the importance of working hands on with his constituents to get things done to improve the quality of life in the City and increase transparency in government. He wants to improve 11th District residents’ accessibility to himself and City Hall. Expect to see him at local farmers markets and neighborhood events. He plans to use his smart phone and tablet to communicate with us by creating a virtual office where he can interact with folks in his district. He’s planning on neighborhood coffee klatches and group hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains with district residents. In short, he’s promised to be  an advocate who really listens to us in the one-on-one manner established by Bill Rosendahl.

Showing that he has the ability to think outside the box, he described a proposal that was being floated to catalog all the repairs needed to the city’s sidewalks at a cost of between 8 and 12 million dollars. His response was to ask citizens willing to perform this task to solve the problem for free.

      He moved on to a discussion of the need to improve mass transit in the City to relieve  traffic congestion, particularly in extending public transportation between the valley downtown, the west side and LAX.  He also talked about his concerns regarding the environment and supporting the efforts of organizations like Heal the Bay and making Los Angeles a cleaner and greener city. He ended his remarks by addressing his concern about the City budget. He said the City government is now down to what it was during former Mayor Tom Bradley’s tenure. No further cuts can be made without jeopardizing the effectiveness of the police, fire and building departments. Instead, he plans on concentrating on efficiency by using technology. For example, sending paramedics on motorcycles to those locations in the hills and canyons which suffer from delayed ambulance response times and providing smart phones to police so that they can send reports on the spot rather wasting to returning to their desks to perform a task which adds to overtime costs and keeps them away from active patrol service.

      Following Bonin’s  speech, there was a lively question and answer session with residents asking about DWP power outages, over-development in Marina del Rey and the increasing traffic problems on Lincoln and Washington. Silver Strand homeowner, Nora Nicosia, remarked later: The question and answer period impressed me about how devoted he will be to our community as well as others he serves. A knowledgeable, bright, warm, caring person with loads of experience and ideas.

Fred Karlsen, Silver Strand resident, Sandra Starr, publisher of the Silver Strand News blog, Mike Bonin, and Venice Peninsula resident, Herb Goldberg chat after the event. Photo by Mark Antonio Grant.

Fred Karlsen, Silver Strand resident, Sandra Starr, resident and publisher of the Silver Strand News blog, Mike Bonin, and Venice Peninsula resident, Herb Goldberg chat after the event. In the back, Richard Lysle and Michael Greenberg, both Silver Strand residents. Photo by Mark Antonio Grant.

For more information on Mike Bonin visit his website:

Bonin at a coffee klatch. Photo courtesy Mike Bonin.

Bonin at a coffee klatch. Photo courtesy Mike Bonin.


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