Highlights of the Silver Strand Marina Homeowners Association Meeting March 11, 2013: New interim Board member elected.

    The SSMHOA Board elected Richard Lysle to serve as the interim Board member to fill the vacancy left by Michael Greenberg’s resignation. Richard, a homeowner and a lawyer, will serve until the annual SSMHOA election in October, 2013.

Jennifer 2

Jennifer Manoogian (above), ad hoc Chair of the Annual Block Party assisted by volunteer homeowner Cindy Carlin, announced that the date of the party has been pushed forward from the last weekend in August to September 8, 2013 to accommodate residents who are away in August.


Peter Bergman of Bergman Beach Properties. Photo  courtesy of Peter Bergman

Fred Karlsen, President of SSMHOA, said that Peter and Ty Bergman of  Bergman Beach Properties asked to be this year’s corporate sponsors which was unanimously approved by the Board.

Fred read a report by Maritza Rodriguez, Board and Landscape Committee member who is in charge of the SSMOHOA sprinkler system, saying that $6500 has been saved in water bills, one of SSMHOA’s largest expenses, by expediting repairs to and replacement of sprinkler heads. The Board agreed that SSMHOA Block Captains should be informed about how to shut off sprinkler heads in the event of a malfunction which happened recently on Mast Mall.

Nora Nicosia, Chair of the Landscape Committee, said that Bali Management will be sending out letters to homeowners whose plantings on the 4 foot strip in front of their homes are impacting the Mall sidewalks and common areas.

The next regular SSMHOA Board meeting will be on Monday, May 13, 2013, 7:30pm at 121 Reef Mall. Agenda to be announced.


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