Marina del Rey Waterbus Service will begin on June 21, 2013

The Waterbus is a delightful way to tour MDR harbor or go to a destination in the harbor without driving a car (or finding a parking space for same). An easy and eco-friendly way to shop, go to Mothers Beach or the Lloyd Tabor Library, dine, go the concerts at Burton Chace Park (which begin July 12) or just enjoy a cruise. You can also bring your bike (but not your pet). Tickets are $1.00 for a one-way passage to the final destination on the circuit. Then you have to buy another ticket to go home. For Silver Strand and MDR residents near Via Marina, there are stops on Bora Bora Way (near Topsail Mall), Tahiti Way and Marquesas.

Waterbus Operation

WaterBus stops (in red).


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