There will be Fireworks in Marina del Rey, CA on July 4, 2013

Courtesy Los Angeles Times

The 2013 Marina del Rey fireworks display is a much-loved annual event which provides a spectacular entertainment for all. This year, it will be staged as usual from the entrance to the MDR harbor. The display will begin at 9pm and last for 20 minutes. For Silver Strand residents, the best viewing spot will be from your roof. Or, you can walk down to the southern end of Via Marina. It’s nice to plan a dinner party around the event with nearby friends. That way, nobody has to act as a designated driver. Just watch your step when you climb up to your roof.

        Other great viewing spots are Burton Chace Park and Fisherman’s Village.  Although exact details have yet to be announced, some street closures are likely to be in effect as they have been in previous years: Southbound on Via Dolce at 8:30 pm, local access only. Southbound on Via Marina from Washington at 8:30pm. At 9:15pm, northbound traffic on Via Marina will not be allowed to turn right onto Admiralty and must proceed to Washington. This year the fireworks are being sponsored by local corporations. The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors is also asking for individuals to contribute at their website:


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5 Responses to There will be Fireworks in Marina del Rey, CA on July 4, 2013

  1. Are there fireworks here this new years eve?

  2. It should be a good one this year ! Thanks Sandy for keeping us posted…

  3. B Russ says:

    For years, in fact decades, hundreds of residents of all ages have biked from miles around, congregating on the Ballona Creek Bike Path just past the UCLA Marine Aquatic Center, an excellent viewing location for the fireworks. Hundreds if not thousands of cyclists bike to the show. Walked bicycles on the shoulder-to-shoulder Fisherman’s Wharf pedestrian crowd are an absolute menace, so the Ballona Creek Path entrance has long been the perfect outlet for hundreds of these cyclists.

    Last year, with no warning or announcement, police blocked off the entrance to the bike path much farther back, all the way to where the bike path meets street path, and tried to push people back. But the path from Fiji Way to the bike path was packed with bikers, families, children — there was nowhere the people in front could go, and the people in back had no idea the entrance was blocked. It was a complete jam. I was in the front area and witnessed a near riot break out with the police officer there. He was aggressive about getting people to retreat, which was physically impossible for the trapped crowd. (I don’t think he had any idea how massive the crowd was on the street path behind us.) Through the entire show hundreds of people were trapped on the path between Fiji Way and the bike path, completely out of sight range of the fireworks show, thanks to this officer. It was just rude. Please check last year’s police reports for any accounts of this mess.

    I am writing to ask you to please a) be aware this year of the tradition and expectations, and b) if at all possible, restore the block off point a hundred yards west of the bike path entrance as it has always been for decades, just past the UCLA Marine Aquatic Center. If not, you need to have an aggressive campaign to advertise the change to people (and explain why, please). There is no good reason to block off this area farther back — and I’m even wondering if the people who blocked it off were inexperienced and simply didn’t know where the line was supposed to be. I strongly expect this was the case, a simple matter of not knowing.

    They were sent to block off the path, and simply didn’t know that they could do it at the Aquatic Center line, where they have done it for decades, rather than where the bike path meets the street path. Either way, address this. The friendliest gesture, most useful, most trouble-free (for you as well as cyclists, as well as safety for pedestrians on the Wharf itself) would be simply to assure the traditional protocol. It serves residents all around coming into the Marina.

    It’s a good thing to do! Thank you enormously for your consideration. Here’s the location in question:

    – B Russ

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