Report on the Topsail/Spinnaker and Roma Court mini-Block Party on June 23, 2013

   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Nora Nicosia, Chair of the Block Captain Committee (second from left above),reports that the Spinnaker/Topsail and adjacent Roma Court mini-Block party was a great  success. 50 happy party-goers, including 2 babies and 10 children attended and had a great deal of fun during a beautiful, festive occasion on Topsail Mall. Guests, including those from other Malls, brought delicious edibles for the cocktail hour event.


There was a pinata and games for the kids, thanks to Brady Connell and family.  Nora would like to thank Clarissa Cervantes and Angela Durrant for producing the flyer and Richard Cervantes for delivering it to residents. Beverly and Steve Pazuk, along with Cindy Carlin, contributed and delivered tables. Fred and Marilee Karlsen offered up their chairs. Linda and Adrian Smith also provided a table and wonderful music. Erik Hoffman and Jillian Novak did the decorations. Richard Cervantes brought 2 ice chests filled with bottled water and other drinks and he and Les Durrant helped with the set-up.


The Piniata is in place and the children line up to give a whack.


Victory! Kids scramble for the prizes.

Three out of five mini-Block Parties have now taken place. There are two hundred and twenty-five homes on the Silver Strand malls and Roma Court. Over half of these residents have attended the parties since they began in May of 2013.  Nora initiated the idea of the smaller parties as a supplement to reviving big annual Block Party (also her idea). Now, we know that, behind those closed garage doors and locked front gates, there are folks living next to us or nearby who are worth getting acquainted with. Now, we will be able to greet them personally when we meet them. Now, we know their names and faces and will be better  prepared to help each other out in an emergency. Now, neighbors will become friends. In the last four years, thanks to the efforts of Nora and the Block Captains, the Silver Strand community is beginning to feel like living in a small town, despite the fact that we reside in a city with a population of almost 10 million. This is no small achievement.

The next mini-Block Party is a lunch scheduled for July 14 on Mast Mall in celebration of Bastille Day from noon to 3pm.  Bring your family, your kids and grandchildren, friends and a dish to share.

The big Annual Block Party will take place on September 8, 2013. Location and details to be announced.

Our thanks to Clarissa Cervantes for all the photographs included in this post.




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One Response to Report on the Topsail/Spinnaker and Roma Court mini-Block Party on June 23, 2013

  1. Nora Nicosia says:

    Another great report on fun in our community where malls instead of garage doors are bringing us together.
    Only error is that Richard Cervantes and Les Durrant helped with set up and Richard Lysle brought the 2 ice chests with drinks……..Nora.

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