Report on the Bastille Day mini-block party on Mast Mall, MDR, July 14

      About 37 residents of all ages attended the Bastille Day celebration hosted by Northstar and Mast Mall. The party was held on Mast Mall in honor of France’s enormous contribution of money, soldiers and munitions to the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) which resulted in our freedom from British rule. Unable to find a French Flag, Michael Greenberg provided a large American one which he hung from the branches of a tree. He also gave a hearty and delightful “A Capella” rendition of the “La Marseillaise,” much to the delight of the guests, to commemorate the event. Many dogs, small and large, were in attendance and had a great time playing with each other including, Bear (the Kronsbergs), Latte (the Greenbergs), Bijou (the Starrs), Shayna Rose (Jackie Rappaport), and Bella (the Zummos).

IMG_2099Guests line up for lunch


Shayna Rose, our Mast Mall Diva, and Jackie Rappaport


Latte, the newest canine addition to Mast Mall (the Greenbergs) and swiftly becoming a favorite at parties and her other playmates on the block.

     The party, a “Dejeuner sur L’Herbe,” a la Edouard Manet’s famous painting,  was blessed by gorgeous weather and generous contributions of delicious edibles and all the necessary accoutrements from neighbors. Although nobody had the courage to appear naked, as in Manet’s painting used in the flyer, Jennifer Manoogian, husband Dick and son John, provided salads and appetizers, tables, music, and a large garbage bin wheeled down from their house. John came up with the music via an ingenious iPhone plus speaker device. Suzi Greenberg made a wonderful tuna fish salad and brought chairs (indispensable), tables (also indispensable) and many paper goods and cutlery. Jackie Rapport offered up sliced meats for sandwiches and many chairs.  Don and Brenda Kronsberg contributed cooked chicken. Cindy Carlin came with a salad.  Maritza Rodriquez, although not in attendance, sent soft drinks in advance. Claudine Lawler did wonders with crêpe paper decorations and husband Patrick cooked a fabulous raspberry tart which disappeared in seconds. Simeon Spiegel, brought pizzas, much appreciated by the kids. Rico and Margarite Zummo contributed a delicious sausage dish. Sandra Starr took care of the basic organization of the party (quarterbacked by Jennifer Manoogian) and provided a large and inebriating Baba au Rum cake, also gone in 60 seconds,  fruit bowl, tables and chairs.


Simeon Spiegel and Jennifer Manoogian .


Michael and Suzi Greenberg enjoying lunch with their family.


Nora Nicosia, Cindy Carlin and Kris Ellenberg

Kudos to Michael and Suzi Greenberg, Don Kronsberg, Jackie Rappaport, the Manoogian family, Claudine and Patrick Lawler and Cindy Carlin for arriving early and staying late to help with the set up and clean up. Thanks to Nora Nicosia for initiating the idea of the mini-Block parties. A perfectly wonderful afternoon was enjoyed by all.

The next, and last, mini-Block Party hosted by Outrigger and Privateer Mall, will take place in August, details to be announced.

The big Annual Silver Strand Block Party, co-hosted by SSMHOA and Bergman Properties, will take place Sunday, September 8th on Quarterdeck Mall, details to be announced.


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One Response to Report on the Bastille Day mini-block party on Mast Mall, MDR, July 14

  1. Nora Nicosia says:

    We now know that these mall parties are a success in giving us a greater sense of what the Silver Strand is as a great community and how blessed we are to live here……….Nora

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