Review of the Mothers Beach Farmers Market in Marina del Rey

Courtesy Mothers Beach Farmers Market, MDR

Courtesy Mothers Beach Farmers Market, MDR

I went to the Mothers Beach  farmers market in Marina del Rey last Friday and was pleasantly surprised. It’s small compared to the Venice, Mar Vista and Santa Monica farmers markets, but the quality of the certified organic offerings is superb, the prices far lower and it has everything to satisfy your basic needs for fruit, cheese, organic meats, vegetables and flowers and a breakfast or lunch. The scale of the market is “to the measure of man/woman,” i.e. you don’t have to plow through dozens of booths. The atmosphere is congenial and neighborly.  Credit cards are accepted at many. Parking is easy. One of the nicest ways to top off your visit are the food trucks.

The market is open from 7:30am until 1:30 pm. So if you time your visit right, you can buy your breakfast or lunch, take it over to the nearby cabanas at Mothers Beach and enjoy your meal with beautiful views of the harbor. They have different trucks each week, but last Friday, there were four offering crepes, barbecued ribs, chicken, and sausages with sides, tamales and lovely french salads, hamburgers and shoe-string potatoes and sandwiches. As I sat there feeling very virtuous eating my very good salad with grilled chicken, dressing on the side (of course), I had fun watching 30-something males trying to work off their “love handles” by playing really bad volley ball. As good as a Buster Keaton movie. After your meal, proceed to fill up your shopping bags. I came home with incredibly sweet Kadota figs, fragrant “El Condor” lilies, plump heirloom tomatoes and home-made burrata cheese among many  other delicious items.


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One Response to Review of the Mothers Beach Farmers Market in Marina del Rey

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the wonderful review. I have never been there, but will certainly try it out!

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