Report on the Third Annual Silver Strand Block Party, Sept 8, 2013

The Silver Strand

The 2013 Annual Silver Strand Block Party

   This year’s event was the most successful ever thanks to sponsor Peter and Ty Bergman of Bergman Beach Properties (, party planner Frankie Bergman (Peter’s wife) and Jennifer Manoogian, Chair of the Silver Strand Marina Homeowners Association ad hoc Annual Block Party Committee. Jennifer was assisted by homeowner and Block Captain, Cindy Carlin. This is the third year running that Jennifer has supervised the party arrangements, starting in 2011 when residents heroically did all the work for the event themselves. Fred Karlsen, President of SSMHOA made the arrangements with the Bergmans to sponsor the party and they did a superb job. Attendance was huge compared to previous years in part because of the change in date from August to the weekend after Labor Day in September when people are back from vacation. And also due to great publicity efforts by the Bergmans and Jennifer’s hand-delivering flyers to homeowners three times.


  It turned out to be a family affair with Ty’s wife Ashley manning a candy table and Frankie and Peter’s daughter, Stacey, doing hair for the fashion show. Homeowners Michael and Bonnie Blumenkrantz, Stephen and Beverly Pazuk and Fred and Marilee Karlsen provided electricity. The Blumenkrantz’ also let party organizers use their garage to store things. Michael Greenberg helped with securing the parking niches for the party and provided the white carpet for the Fashion Show runway. Cindy Carlin, Mary-Dorothy Line, Patty Schnegg, John Conner, Linda Evans-Walker, Les Durrant, Richard Lylse, Fred and Marilee Karlsen and Stephen and Beverly Pazuk got up early to help Jennifer and the Bergmans set things up on the day of the party. The Silver Strand Homeowners Association is very grateful to residents on Quarterdeck Mall and adjacent Roma Court for allowing it to use those location for the event.

A special, special thanks to our Silver Strand News photographers, Marilee Karlsen, Clarissa Cervantes and Penny Akashi,  for covering the event in depth and making this report come alive. Don Avila, a friend of Penny’s, took over for her during the Fashion Show while she was preparing to model, and contributed great photos of the runway event.

As you walked down Roma Court, arcs of colorful balloons were stretched over Roma Court at Quarterdeck Mall, where the party was held, along with huge banners announcing the event, all visible from either end of Roma Court. A registration table, staffed by Bergman employees, offered a warm welcome to all guests who were given name tags in order to let neighbors get to know each other. Peter and Ty manned a table giving out caps to guests embroidered “Silver Strand.” They also offered raffle items including a beautiful basket filled with edibles with ticket sale proceeds benefiting the non-profit Hooves and Paws Rescue Group. Michael and Suzi Greenberg’s adorable dog Latte was a winner of one of the prizes.

Raffle Table

Raffle Table


Ashley Bergman, Ty’s wife, welcoming guests to the Candy Table


The smiles say it all.

Music was provided throughout the event by the great Jeffery Menor & the Minor 6th Band (Westside Latin).

The Westside Latins

The Westside Latin Musicians

There were many activities for kids including a very popular bouncy house, a face painting table, a talented balloon man, a photo booth and a table for creating hand-decorated cupcakes. The Magical Mr. Fig and his black cat, making their second appearance at the Annual Block Party, demonstrated amazing card tricks to the delight of children and adults.


The Bouncy House. Rumor has it that a couple of our very distinguished SSMHOA Board members were spotted trying out the slide during the pre-party set-up. You know who you are. We’ll never tell.


The Cupcake Table: Artists at Work


Face Painting  by the Fabulous Michelle. No child left undecorated.


Kids enjoying the results of their Photo Booth experience.


Examples of the art of face painting by The Fabulous Michelle and balloon making by Sean


Mary-Dorothy Line, SSMHOA Board Member, with The Magical Mr. Fig and his Cat

The Bergmans offered complimentary food and beverages for guests catered by Erlez Grill. There were all kinds of hot dogs, kosher, beef, etc., turkey and beef burgers with all the trimmings, wonderful french fries, corn on the cob, pizza, salad, chili and vegetarian selections. There were excellent frozen dessert bars and lemonade, punch and water. Popcorn was on every table.


The hard-working staff of Erlez Grill turned out great food at a very fast pace. Lines moved smoothly and quickly.


Happy Eaters

IMG_3148_3494 IMG_3061_3407

  A new event, and a real pleasure, was the Fashion Show. Frankie Bergman arranged it with Goga fashions of Project Runway. Goga is located at 2710 Main Street in Santa Monica, Originally, Frankie had planned on using professional models, but Jordana, the talented owner of Goga, suggested that Silver Strand homeowners might enjoy doing the runway show. And indeed they did. They all went to the store one evening and, fortified by cheese and wine, picked out the clothes they were going to model. Jordana has an amazing eye and can accommodate all ages and sizes. She is able to take one look at you and figure out exactly what outfit and what accessories will work. The shop carries everything from very classical suits to flamboyant “red carpet” evening gowns.  On the day of the event, Roma Court homeowner Marie Smith kindly lent her house as a dressing room. This year’s “Top Models” included Cindy Carlin, Clarissa Cervantes, Sandy Gooch, Suzi Greenberg, Deanna Kangas, Eileen Nugent, Sandra Starr, Marie Smith, Jennifer Manoogian, Penny Akashi, Linda Evans-Smith, Kris Ellenberg and her two daughters, Eden and Lola (who stole the show).  In order to warm up the models while they were getting into their glamorous clothes, Cindy Carlin brought two thermos bottles of her always great margaritas and Jennifer brought wine. Ashley Bergman, Frankie’s daughter, was on hand to do hair. Jordana arrived to provide the finishing touches with great jewelry accessories and to supervise “the walk.” Michael Greenberg unrolled a long white carpet down Roma Court for the models to parade down. Whatever nervousness the models may have felt  was vanquished by libations enjoyed prior to the show. They did brilliantly, revealing their inner talents (who knew?) at “walking the walk.” They flounced, they swayed, they sashayed, they twirled, and kicked up their heels.

Jordana of Project Runway and Goga Fashions

Jordana of Goga Fashions


Sandy Gooch and Eileen Nugent chat before the show


Clarissa Cervantes and Jennifer Manoogian warming up for the runway


Kris Ellenberg getting a new “do” from from Stacey Bergman

Models enjoying drinks before getting dressed for the show

Some of the models fortifying themselves for the show. Happy campers, one and all.


Jordana introduces the Fashion Show


Jennifer Manoogian, Chair of the  SSMHOA Annual Block Party and Block Captain,  looking radiant as always despite a very long work day.  She must have been born with a smile on her face

Cindy Carlin, who assisted Jennifer in supervising arrangements for the party, swirling in a gorgeous white and grey dress

Cindy Carlin, Block Captain, who assisted Jennifer in supervising arrangements for the party, twirling and  swirling  in a gorgeous white and grey dress

Eileen Nugent in a chic and very cool outfit, saunters down the runway

Eileen Nugent, Block Captain, in a chic and very cool outfit, saunters down the runway with great panache and a wonderful hat topping it all off.


Clarissa Cervantes, Block Captain and Silver Strand News photographer, dances down the runway in a rainbow of colors


Penny Akashi, Block Captain and Silver Strand News photographer, strikes an elegant and very professional pose, looking as if she’s been doing this all her life.


Sandra Starr, Block Captain and  publisher of the Silver Strand News,  hip hops down the carpet. Jordana accessorized the outfit with the largest silver necklace Sandra has ever worn. Amazing the difference it made. 

Suzi Greenberg

Suzi Greenberg, elegant and glorious in green and gold with her own fur shrug

Linda Evans-Smith kicks up her heels

Wowy, Zowy! Linda Evans-Smith, Block Captain, kicks up her heels

Marie Smith

Home owner Marie Smith in a diaphanous gown with seductive  details

A model

Homeowner, Deanna Kangas wearing a champagne-colored silk cocktail dress with exquisite hand-beading

Sandy Gooch in an exotic caftan evening dress

Sandy Gooch in a sophisticated, flowing caftan evening dress. Sandy is a valued member of the SSMHOA Landscape Committee, but we doubt that she will be gardening in this outfit.

Lola Ellenberg, pretty in pink

Lola Ellenberg, completely confident and more than pretty in pink

Kris Ellenberg looking like a Greek goddess in white

Kris Ellenberg, Block Captain,  transformed into a Greek goddess in a classical white evening dress


The final walk about: left to right, Eden Ellenberg, Sandra Starr, Jennifer Manoogian and Lola Ellenberg

 The Fashion Show was followed by a Canine Walk. These are rescued orphan dogs, cared for, fostered and put up for adoption by Much Love Animal Rescue.  Much Love is no-kill, nonprofit shelter for dogs and cats: If you can’t adopt, consider donating to this worthy cause. All the dogs and cats they brought to the party were in great shape with beautiful temperaments.

IMG_3117_3463 IMG_2954_3300_edited-1

  Mike Bonin, City of Los Angeles 11th District Councilman, attended the party, spoke to the crowd and then mingled with Silver Strand residents.  Mike, Bill Rosendahl’s successor, is turning out to be a great representative and friend to the Silver Strand. Like Bill, he is a hands-on politician. He hikes with his constituents and has open office hours. Mark Antonio Grant and his wife also attended. Mark is Mike’s Chief Deputy and has appeared at numerous SSMHOA events. He has been very responsive to our concerns.


Peter Bergman (left), Councilman Mike Bonin (center), Fred Karlsen, President of SSMHOA (right).


Fred Karlsen, President SSMHOA chatting with  Mark-Antonio Grant, Special Assistant to Councilman Mike Bonin and Mark’s wife Eileen Grant


Homeowner Bill Boyd (left) set up a table with educational materials about emergency
preparedness, here seen seated next to Michael Greenberg. Both are CERT trained first responders. We’re lucky to have them in our neighborhood.

The Silver Strand is home to people of all ages, but our children make this neighborhood special. This is a community where they can walk to each others houses and to the beach, play basketball, bike and skate with ease. They are steps away from the natural wonders of the Ballona Lagoon and wetlands. Here are their smiling faces.


Harryot Best, SSMHOA Board member and Block Captain, with her great- grandson.

IMG_3126_3472_edited-1 IMG_2985_3331 IMG_2976_3322 IMG_3010_3356_edited-1 IMG_2994_3340_edited-1 IMG_3036_3382_edited-1 IMG_2973_3319

At the end of the day, Peter and Frankie Bergman enjoyed a turn on the dance floor.

IMG_3131_3477_edited-1Along with three little ones.


The main purpose of the Annual Party is to allow neighbors to meet with old friends and make new ones at a fun event.

Jackie Rapport and John Conner.

Jackie Rapport and SSMHOA Board Member John Conner


Ed Amorosi, Fred Karlsen, Richard Cervantes and Steve Pazuk

Below in the foreground, Nora Nicosia, longtime SSMHOA Board member and Chair of the Block Captain Committee who was responsible for reviving the long dormant Annual Block Party starting in 2011. She also initiated the very successful mini-Block parties which started this past summer. Nora has done wonders in terms of creating a sense of neighborliness and community in the Silver Strand. Behind her are, left to right Myra and Ed Amorosi, Marilee Karlsen, and Fred Karlsen, President of SSMHOA. IMG_2971_3317

What started as an experiment has now become a tradition. With thanks to one and all who made it happen.


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6 Responses to Report on the Third Annual Silver Strand Block Party, Sept 8, 2013

  1. Nora Nicosia says:

    Great report of an outstanding event………..Who took all those glorious photos?………..Sandy you continue to outdo yourself……..Nora

  2. Cindy Carlin says:

    Fantastic reporting Sandra!!! Thanks for all your efforts!!

  3. Richard Scott Lysle says:

    The child being held by Harryot is not her grandson. He is her great grandson, the child of Harryot’s daughter Christina..

  4. clarissasbeachhouse says:

    Great report Sandra Starr !!! Your words and ideas have not only helped shape our community but delivered the good news.

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