Reminder: Upcoming Silver Strand Art Group Tour: The Watts Towers, October 20, 2013


The Silver Strand Art Group will tour the Watts Towers on Sunday, October 20, 2013. The Watts Towers were built by Simon Rodia. between 1921 and 1954. Rodia was an Italian immigrant and self-taught artist who constructed the towers in his spare time. The installation consists of seventeen major sculptures constructed of structural steel and covered with mortar adorned with a diverse mosaic of broken glass and seashells.Rodia constructed the towers without machine equipment, scaffolding, bolts, rivets, welds or drawing board. This work has been  listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a National Historic Landmark. Along with the Hollywood sign, the Watts Towers are the most famous icon of Los Angeles.

Admission: General Admission $7.00  Seniors $3.00.  Please bring cash for this fee.

 Please confirm by Oct 10, 2013

For carpooling arrangements and confirmation contact any of our art group chairpersons:Marilee Karlsen; Angela DurrantClarissa Cervantes; or Nora Nicosia. Their contact information is in your WelcomePacket. Or you can leave a comment below and we will forward to them.

Transportation & Parking  Carpools will leave the Silver Strand Community at 10am

Please let us know if YOU will drive.


Our first stop will be for Brunch at 26 Beach Café, 3100 W Washington Blvd, Marina del Rey.

After Brunch we will drive to Watts Towers where we will have a guided tour for our group.




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One Response to Reminder: Upcoming Silver Strand Art Group Tour: The Watts Towers, October 20, 2013

  1. Nora Nicosia says:

    As usual………you make our Art Tours more enriched.
    However I believe the lunch venue has been moved………If you are coming with group you will be led there, if not contact Clarissa………..Nora

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