Should the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey, 90292 get its zip code changed back to Venice, 90291?

      One of our readers in the Silver Strand has suggested that we should try and get our zip code, Marina del Rey, 90292, changed back to Venice, 90291 as it was until the mid-1980s. At that time, the U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission decided to “annex” three Venice neighborhoods south of Washington Boulevard and re-assign them to the Marina del Rey zip code 90292. As a result, the Silver Strand, the Venice Peninsula and the Oxford Triangle no longer carry their original Venice, 90291 zip code but are now Marina del Rey, 90292. The

     In 1905, both the Silver Strand and  Venice Peninsula tracts were platted as part of  what was then the incorporated City of Venice. In 1925, the voters in the City of Venice elected to become part of the City of Los Angeles.  That status remains as of now. The basic boundry line between the  Silver Strand, Venice and unincorporated Marina del Rey, apart from a few zigs and  zags at the northern end, runs  down the middle of Via Marina.  Which means that, regardless of our Marina del Rey zip code, we remain in every other way Venice, California under the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles and not unincorporated Marina del Rey. We vote as Venetians on a City of Los Angeles ballot and we are represented by the City Council  and the Mayor of Los Angeles. Development in the Silver Strand is governed by the Venice Land Use Plan, the Venice Specific Plan and the California Coastal Commission. This benefits us because the Los Angeles City Council, i.e. Bill Rosendahl and his successor Mike Bonin, have been far more responsive to our concerns than the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors. Rosendahl, and now Bonin, have made themselves very accessible to their constituents by doing regular meet and greets,  attending local meetings, neighborhood events and responding to emails. So, to a lesser extent has Mayor Garcetti.  The Board of Supervisors presents a brick wall to its constituents in terms of contacting or meeting them. In my experience, they respond neither to phone calls, nor emails.

    Changing our zip code back to 90291 would have many  implications. Among other things, it would impact both residents and businesses in terms of changing their location and zip code on stationary, business cards, correspondence, bills, etc. Something of a nightmare.  In terms of buying/selling homes, realtors currently  list us as being in MDR rather than Venice. The land in Marina del Rey proper is publicly owned and held in trust by Los Angeles County. It can lease the land, but not sell it to a private owner. Thus virtually 100% of residential property in MDR proper, rather in terms of jurisdiction, consists of rental apartment buildings. The only exception is the Marina City Club which is a grand-fathered condominium with a limited 50-year lease on the land beneath it. On the other hand,  the Silver Strand, the Venice Peninsula and the Oxford Triangle consist primarily of single family homes. There are far more single family homes in Venice 90291 than in Marina del Rey 90292. This skews the figures in terms of property values listed by realtors.

   The real estate website says that in Venice, 90291, the current median sales price is $1,435,000.  The average price per square foot is $1006.oo (but remember that most homes in Venice are smaller than those in the Silver Strand). The price of homes in Venice has increased by 32.3% in the last 12 months. The median sales price in Marina del Rey 90292 is $900,000 and the average price per square foot is $667 (but remember that single family homes in MDR are larger than those in Venice). The price of homes in Marina del Rey has increased by 54.1%  in the last 12 months.  It is important to note that most buyers and sellers usually dig much deeper than these summaries and look at close comparables rather than these general figures.

        In conclusion, in assigning zip codes, the US Postal Regulatory Commission only takes into consideration issues concerning expediting the delivery of mail. They are not interested in matters of political jurisdiction or property values.

        Please let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below.


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9 Responses to Should the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey, 90292 get its zip code changed back to Venice, 90291?

  1. michelle zweig says:

    If the difference in the per square foot valuation between Venice and MDR is so huge, then it makes perfect sense to change from 90292 to 90291 (which is what we should be anyway), as when and if we choose to sell our homes, our valuations and comps will be much higher. Hypothetically, many of the homes in the Silver Strand would sell for an additional $500,000.

  2. HappyMoody says:

    We live in 90292. Venice. We enjoy City Services, not The County

    OF ndr Chateau do They become city?

    Given the county’s great ‘master plan’ for MDR, I am sure the services will be great and we will not have any traffic problems going forward.

    Just my thoughts.

    Craig A. Moody

    Sent by a mind of its own

  3. mb4404 says:

    body{font-size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif;background-color:#ffffff;color:black;}p{margin:0px;}Definitely keep Marina del Rey 90292 opinion ; CLASSY  NAME

  4. Richard Scott Lysle says:

    Would this get out mail delivered any earlier in the day, like before sunset?

  5. lynn beyer says:

    Making things as complicated as possible seems the way of life now.
    Maybe we should do 90293 or 90294 or 90290 or something completely different
    that would really shake things up

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would support the effort to change the city name and zip code back to Venice, 90291. No offense to the city of MDR, but the name Venice, CA has much more name recognition (good and bad).
    For all the reasons mentioned in the original post it also makes sense to be recognized as living in Venice, CA 90291. Also, if you tell people you live in Venice they will assume you are at least 10 years younger than you really are!!

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