Important: Crimes of Opportunity in the Silver Strand

    The crime rate in the Silver Strand is negligible due to our 24 patrol by Security Systems. However, as we have reminded you many times, an unattended garage with door left open is an open invitation to thieves. Two bicycles were  stolen last week from a home on Lighthouse Mall. A painter left the garage unattended with the door open. It takes only a minute or two for someone to make off with whatever might be of value in your garage, bike theft being the most common. Please advise your workmen not to do this.


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Resident of the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey, California
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2 Responses to Important: Crimes of Opportunity in the Silver Strand

  1. Mark Walker says:

    Well, we failed to so advise our workmen. Within a few minutes, my favorite old Dutch bike was stolen from our open garage on Northstar last week. Very sad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a recurring event. Since installing this garage alarm I am always reminded when my garage door is open. It is easy to install too. Also, I lock my bicycles and some storage cabinets in the garage because you cannot trust contractors either.

    If you make this a door prize I bet more people will attend the HOA meeting. 🙂

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