Highlights of SSMHOA Regular Board Meeting November 11, 2013

         Fred Karlsen, President of SSMHOA began by complimenting the Landscape Committee (Nora Nicosia and Sandy Gooch, co-Chairs) on their achievements in improving the plantings in the Malls and mini-Malls, saying that they look better than they ever have looked in recent memory.

Fred SSMHOA meeting

Block Captain Report: Nora Nicosia, Committee Chair, reported that the 4 mini-Block parties held over the summer had been a great success. She and Cindy Carlin, who assisted Nora with organizing these events,  floated the idea of repeating the mini-Block parties next year, but making them less Mall specific. What happened this year is that Silver Strand residents attended not only their own two-Mall parties, but others as well. Nora announced that she is planning Block Captain meeting in early 2014.

Street Committee: Richard Lysle, Committee Chair, said that Roma Court will be painted with 15 mph signage in five locations on November 27, 2013. He agreed to coordinate with Ray Garcia, SSMHOA landscaping contractor, on taking care of tree roots damaging the Mall walkways, particularly on Top Sail and Spinnaker Malls.

Landscaping Committee: Nora Nicosia and Sandy Gooch, co-Chairs. Nora reported that all the diseased Impatiens annuals have been removed and replaced with Begonias. Two dying Alder trees on Reef Mall will be replaced with Pepper Trees which are California natives.  She thanked Sandy Gooch for her contributions, including providing the services of Niqi, her longtime administrator, to help with landscaping bills at no cost to SSMHOA.


First Pepper Tree goes in on Reef mini-Mall. Left to right: Nora Nicosia, Ray Garcia and Sandy Gooch

Finances: Mary-Dorothy Line, Chair, recommended a $75 increase in homeowners dues for 6 months, beginning with the December billing for the January 1 – June 31, 2014. This will allow SSMHOA to pay operational expenses without dipping into reserves.

Security: Patty Schnegg, Chair, reported that has been a rash of bicycle thefts, not due to break-ins but to consistent homeowner negligence and/or their workmen in leaving their garage doors open and unattended,  Fred Karlsen advised homeowners to put locks on their bikes and not leave anything valuable in their garages.

Homeowners Forum:

There was discussion about the decomposed granite on the Ballona Lagoon path needing to be improved due deterioration caused by Roma Court homeowners over-watering their landscaped frontage on the path.

The fence on the east side of the Ballona Lagoon path, a SSMHOA responsibility, needs to be treated and resealed.

-A homeowner noted the changing demographic of the Silver Strand saying that more younger people with children are moving in. He expressed interest in forming a committee to put parents with kids in touch with other to arrange play dates and plan events of interest to this group of residents. A couple of people present remarked that in the late 1980s-90s, in the the early days of SSMHOA, there was a very active parent group doing just this very successfully  and one homeowner even allowed kids to use his vacant lot as a playground.

-A homeowner noted that water pools on some parts of Roma Court due to poor drainage. Richard Lysle will look into this.

Vacancies on the SSMHOA Board of Directors: Five homeowners presented themselves as candidates to fill three vacancies on the Board. In Executive Session, the Board  voted and appointed  Eric Beane, Richard Cervantes and Sandy Gooch as new SSMHOA Board Directors. Fred Karlsen and Cindy Carlin noted that you do not have to be a Board member to contribute to the community and encouraged all homeowners to volunteer their services as a Block Captain or, with Board approval, to form an ad hoc Committee addressing a particular interest, or to help one of the Committee Chairs in their efforts.


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4 Responses to Highlights of SSMHOA Regular Board Meeting November 11, 2013

  1. Sometimes called the California Pepper, its eponymous name would certainly suggest a state native. Actually the Schinus Molle is indigenous to the Peruvian Andes & has been used in the state extensively for many years primarily because of its drought tolerance.

  2. Rick Kaplan says:

    I am wondering if anyone has reported the buffer zone violations that is being created by the newly remodeled house on Roma Court? It appears the developer has built a six for a larger cement wall that most certain encroaches well into the buffer zone all other residents have had to live with.

    I am concerned that this wall is an eye sore and if the violation is allowed to go forward, it may set a precedent that disrupts the beauty and flow of the mandated buffer area between each home and the cinder path.

    Can someone let me know what the status of this violation is and what the homeowners association will be doing to have it abated.
    Rick Kaplan

  3. JONI ARAGON says:

    Thank you for sending this information. Please let me know when the MALL get togethers are. I live on the Grand Canal just above Roma Court and would love to meet my neighbors. Thank you so much. Joni Aragon

    Sent from my iPad

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