Small dog alert for Silver Strand Residents: Possible Coyote in our Neighborhood

   A reader has reported that he was walking his dog (15lb fox terrier) on Mast Mall in the Silver Strand on Saturday, November 23 around 11pm when his dog was attacked by what looked like a young coyote. The predator grasped  the dog by the neck and made a puncture wound.  Luckily the dog had been vaccinated for rabies. The owner shouted and was able to scare off the predator. While they are well known predators in the foothill communities, they have also been spotted in Playa del Rey, Venice north of Washington Boulevard and even Torrance. They were, of course, here long before we were. They serve a useful function in nature in terms of limiting overpopulation. Their diet  favors  rabbits, gophers, rats, mice, squirrels and insects. They are very smart and adaptable.  They work hard for their living and don’t know the difference between your small pet dog or cat and a rabbit. As far as  the coyote is concerned, your pet is an entree. So be very alert,


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Resident of the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey, California
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