Holiday Boat Parades in Marina del Rey and the Venice Canals, 2013

There are two traditional holiday boat parades in our neighborhood, both much loved by residents and their children.

Saturday, Dec. 14,  5:55pm– Fireworks and 51st  Marina  del Rey Holiday Boat Parade:



The fireworks will go off at 5:55pm and be staged at the entrance to the main channel of the Marina del Rey harbor on the Playa del Rey side. This parade, which began in 1963,  has large and small boats festooned with lights and decorations.  The boats will circle the harbor three times during the evening starting at 6pm and end around 8pm. Silver Strand residents can get a great view of the fireworks and the parade by walking down to the southern end of Via Marina. Walk or bike down there as the parking is limited. The Judges’ viewing stand, along with other festivities will be at Burton Chace Park.

Sunday, Dec. 15, 2012 4:30pm sharp– Venice Canals  Association, 32nd  Holiday Boat Parade:


Photo: Courtesy of the Venice Canals Association



This parade is delightful with canal residents decorating their small boats with great creativity, a sweet “home-made” event. Some boats carry live bands. Children love this parade because they can get a close-up view in daylight.  Adults love it because of its zaniness. Best to walk or bike there as parking is very limited, although you may find parking at the Mothers Beach lot or in the Silver Triangle neighborhood between Mildred and Washington Blvd. Boats begin to assemble at 4pm and the parade starts at 4:30pm at the corner of Eastern and Sherman Canals and float around the entire canal circuit. You you can get a great view from any point along the route. If you stay until after sunset, you will be able to view residents’  holiday decorations in all their glory, i.e. over the top in terms of razzle dazzle.





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