Highlights of Regular SSMHOA Meeting on January 27, 2014


The 2013-2014 Silver Strand Marina Homeowners Association Board of Directors: From left to right: Patty Schnegg (Secretary), Eric Beane, Sandy Gooch, Richard Lysle, Fred Karlsen (President), Nora Nicosia, Richard Cervantes, John Conner, Debbie Schneider [not a Board member:she represents Bali Management] and Mary-Dorothy Line (Vice President and Treasurer).

In order of their appearance in the photo:

Patty Schnegg (Secretary): Patty has lived in the Silver Strand since 1986 and served on the Board of Directors for the last 9 years. She is a Superior Court Judge for Los Angeles County and is currently assigned to major felony trials. Prior to that, she practiced business law for 23 years. In addition to being Secretary, she is Chair of the Security Committee.

Eric Beane: Eric is beginning his first term as a SSMHOA Board member. He has lived in Marina del Rey since 1997 and moved to the Silver Strand in 2004 and is a practicing lawyer specializing in labor and employment law.  Eric is the founding Chair of the Children’s Activity Committee. The changing demographic of the Silver Strand indicates that more young homeowners with kids are moving into the neighborhood.

Sandy Gooch: This is Sandy’s first term as a SSMHOA Board member. She has been a resident of Marina del Rey since 2000 and moved to the Silver Strand in 2005. A former teacher, she was the founder of the Mrs. Gooch’s Natural Foods Markets. Her seven stores in Los Angeles were a pioneering endeavor she started in 1977, promoting healthy, unmodified, unprocessed and unadulterated food, long before science proved the soundness of her thinking. Whole Foods purchased her business in 1993. She and her husband, Harry Lederman continue to work as real estate managers and Sandy travels the world as a lecturer and consultant.  She  is the Chair of the Landscape Committee, along with co-Chair, Nora Nicosia

Richard Lysle: Richard is a practicing attorney. He moved into the Silver Strand in 1997 and has been a Board member since 2013. He raised his three children in the neighborhood. His youngest son is an alumnus of the Silver Strand Toddler Play Group. Richard is Chair of the Street Committee.

Fred Karlsen: Fred has served as President of SSMHOA since 2008. Fred is a retired real estate attorney and practiced law for over 30 years in Beverly Hills and Encino. He and his wife Marilee, a Block Captain and volunteer staff photographer for The Silver Strand News, moved to the Silver Strand in 1999. In 2012, the City of Los Angeles presented Fred with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of his outstanding citizenship and activities enhancing community betterment” and his exemplary efforts and accomplishments which have been of great value to the community and to the City of Los Angeles and which have helped to further the common goal of making our City a better place in which to live.”

John Conner: John is arguably the earliest homeowner on the Silver Strand, having purchased five lots on Roma Court in 1973 and building a home on one of them in 1984. He is the owner of a  systems integration  business. He is  the longest standing Board member in the Silver Strand, beginning in that position in the 1970s with the earliest Silver Strand homeowners association (the Ismuth Landowners Association, aka ILA).  He also  initiated the Roma Court Halloween Celebration which began in the 1980s with just a few families living in the neighborhood and has now become an annual event attracting hundreds of people. John is the Chair of the Ballona Path and Fence Committee.

Nora Nicosia: Nora has been a member of the Board for fourteen years. She moved to the Silver Strand in 1998 and, with her late husband Joey, built two homes here.  In 2012, she was given the Silver Strand News Volunteer of the Year award in recognition of her extraordinary service to the neighborhood for over two decades. In 2010, she recruited Sandra Starr to start the Silver Strand News blog. In 2011, she founded the Silver Strand Art Group and revived the tradition of the Annual Block Party. In 2013, she  instituted the annual mini-Block parties. She is the founding Chair of the Block Captain Committee and co-Chair of the Landscape Committee.

Richard Cervantes, Ph.D: Richard is serving his second term as a Board member. He has lived in the Silver Strand since 2008. He is the owner and Research Director of Behavioral Assessment, Inc in Beverly Hills. He has taught at UCLA and USC. He is an advocate for children and families on health and mental issues. His wife, Clarissa Cervantes, is a volunteer staff photographer for the Silver Strand News. Richard is a member of the Ballona Lagoon Fence Committee and has also helped with Emergency Preparedness.

Debbie Schneider: Debbie is not a Board member. She is Bali Management Group’s supervisor for the Silver Strand Marina Homeowners Association.

Mary-Dorothy Line: Mary-Dorothy has been a resident of Marina del Rey since 1978 and a homeowner in the Silver Strand since 1998. She has served on the Board since 2004. She is a business woman specializing in developing small residential real estate projects in Venice. She is vice-President and Treasurer of SSMHOA.


The Board welcomed homeowners, Shira Rome (former wife of Cliff Rome, developer of the Silver Strand, and a 30-year resident of the neighborhood) and Patrick Day and Michele Kessler, new residents, who purchased Nate and Joyce Nahmias’ home on Roma Court.

Bill Boyd and Michael Greenberg discussed ideas about educating homeowners on Emergency Preparedness. The Board approved up to $300 to purchase walkie-talkies for Block Captains to use in the event of a catastrophe.

Nora Nicosia, co-Chair of the Landscape Committee announced that Sandy Gooch will now be the primary chair of the committee. They reported that California is now in a state of emergency because of low water levels due to a record drought. The Landscape Committee will take measures to conserve water by monitoring watering usage, timers and fixing broken sprinklers on the Malls and mini-Malls.  Nora and Sandy received a round of applause for the work they have done in improving the landscaping in the Silver Strand.

Patty Schnegg, Chair of the Security Committee, reported that the only crimes in the neighborhood are those of opportunity, i.e homeowner negligence in leaving garage doors open resulting in several bicycle thefts. This is an ongoing problem and homeowners should be aware that their inattention provides an open opportunity for thieves to invade the neighborhood. She advises homeowners and their workmen not to leave their garages open, leave nothing of value in them and to lock their bikes .

Nora Nicosia, Chair of the Block Captain Committee, said that the Block Captain annual meeting is scheduled to take place on February 6, 2014. Sandra Starr, Block Captain in charge of delivery of the  Homeowner Welcome Packet asked and received permission to reprint another 20 copies  of the revised packet. She also asked and received Board permission to present the idea of the Silver Strand participating in the Little Free Library Program at the upcoming Annual Block Captain meeting.  The Board approved an amount up to $200 to be spent on the purchase of a box, if Block Captains want to go forward with it. Eric Beane proposed an alternative along the same lines: i.e. a  book station for kids and young adults located at a central point on Roma Court, operating a couple of times a month for a few hours.

      It was reported that notice has been posted of a proposed liquor license to be issued by the California Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission to a property on Outrigger Mall. The Board will contact authorities on the issue.

        The Board discussed the problem of a Roma Court homeowner who has built a wall that encroaches on the buffer zone in front of his Roma Court home  facing the Ballona Lagoon. The buffer zone, a 30 foot set back which lies between the high tide line on the Ballona Lagoon and the homeowner property on the east, is City of Los Angeles property and does not belong to Roma Court homeowners. Per SSMHOA’s (aka ILA) original permit to develop the Silver Strand, it is subject to regulation by the California Coastal Commission. The Board will look into this matter.

Richard Cervantes gave a detailed report and bids on  re-staining the Ballona Lagoon path Fence (east side) and repairs to the path which has suffered from both Roma Court homeowner over-watering and poor drainage.

The next regular SSMHOA Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 4 at 124 Outrigger Mall at 7:30pm. Agenda to be announced.


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