Los Angeles County Plans for Development on Via Marina, MDR: The Former Woodfin Hotel Raises its Head Once Again as a Marriott..

    Hotel from Via MarinaSketch of the Marriott Residence Inn and Hotel on Via Marina. Courtesy Awbrey Cook McGill Architects and the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors.

   The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is planning to negotiate a lease agreement with the Marriott Hotels and the Hardage Group on Parcel 49 (formerly know as the Woodfin Hotel and Timeshares) on the northern section of the large vacant lot on Via Marina between Marquesas and Tahiti Way. This project was originally initiated by Samuel Hardage of the Woodfin Hotel Group several years ago. It consisted of a 225 foot high 19-story hotel and timeshare. Due to community resistance, the Board of Supervisors sent it back to the drawing board advising the developer to lower the height and eliminate the time-share element.  In the interim, the Woodfin Hotel group filed for bankruptcy and ceased to be the developer/lessee. The Marriott Hotels now are listed as the developer (MDR Hotels, LLC) with the Hardage Group as operators. The instructions to negotiate are on the Agenda of the BOS meeting on February 28, 2014.  This will be the third Marriott holding in Marina del Rey along with the Marriott Marina del Rey and the Ritz Carlton on Admiralty Way. Other hotels are the Hilton, the Jamaica Bay Inn, the Fog Horn and the Marina del Rey International. There is also a hotel proposed for Fisherman’s Village which would bring the total number of hotels in MDR to eight.

     The revised   plan consists of a 6-story (Marriott Residence Inn) and 5-story (Courtyard Hotel) structure, placed on an angle to each other, are connected by a single-story wing facing Via Marina. There will be 288 rooms/units in all. The Residence portion will accommodate extended stay guests. Parking will be both underground and at grade level. The structures will block most of the view of the harbor along this section of Via Marina. The developer plans to use the creation/restoration of a small 1.47 acre Wetland Park on Parcel 9U at the south-east corner of Via Marina and Tahiti Way to fulfill the view corridor requirement.  The project will also block the views of most of the 4-story high Strand Colony condominiums on the west side of Via Marina. The 6-story Inn will be 72 feet high (this is the same height as the Shores); the 5-story Hotel will be 61 feet high.

      Hardage submitted a letter to the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors on October 23, 2013 including the revised plans. The Design Control Board gave the plans conceptual approval on January 22, 2014. The hotel will still have to be approved by the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning and the Board of Supervisors.

         Please do a search on this site under “Woodfin Hotel” if you want to read about the complicated background on this project.


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3 Responses to Los Angeles County Plans for Development on Via Marina, MDR: The Former Woodfin Hotel Raises its Head Once Again as a Marriott..

  1. Elizabeth Ann Shapiro says:

    residential – only residential in this area for property values, life style, families- keep it residential. noise, transient populations – not good in this area.

  2. Nora Nicosia says:

    Thanks for your report Sandy……For those of us who oppose the plan because of impossible egress in an emergency, for homeowners in The Silver Strand, what can we do?……….Nora Nicosia

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