Development on Via Marina, Marina del Rey: 2 meetings this week at Burton Chace Park.

There are two meetings this week concerning development in Marina del Rey.

The most important meeting is the one listed first below:

1) If you can only attend one meeting of the two scheduled for this week on the subject of Marina del Rey, choose this one and fill out a speaker card and express your concerns. The Los Angeles County Marina del Rey Design Control Board will be considering a final revised plan being submitted by developer AMLI Development Corp for an apartment complex on Via Marina and Panay Way (see full description of this project in February 16 post) The meeting is schedule to begin at 1:30 pm on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 in the Burton Chace Park Community Center on Mindanao Way, Marina del Rey.  If AMLI receives final approval from the DCB it will proceed to obtain a permit from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety and begin construction as soon as feasible. The Design Control Board is in charge of approving all developer plans in Marina del Rey.

2) The other meeting is on Tuesday evening between 6 and 8pm, same location as above, at Burton Chace Park and is just a drop-in open house concerning a summary of the “Envisioning Marina del Rey” process (see post of February 13, 2014). The Visioning Group, part of the Department of Regional Planning, functions in an advisory only position on general issues about the future of Marina del Rey.  It does not address specific development proposals. 


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2 Responses to Development on Via Marina, Marina del Rey: 2 meetings this week at Burton Chace Park.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a home owner in the Silver Strand community. I cannot attend the meeting due to schedule conflict. Aside from the traffic, noise, etc. I want to bring up a totally different issue regarding the higher density apartments: Megan’s Law. A recent search of sexual predators in and around our community reveals that there are a few sexual predators at the surrounding complexes to our individual homes. There are none within the mall homes. The higher number and density of apartments will likely mean a higher number of such registered ( and not registered ) offenders.
    I know we have many neighbors who are very accomplished attorneys. Is there any loophole regarding Megan’s Law (or any other laws of environmental impact, population density, emergency evacuation protocols, etc. ) that can be used to reduce the size of the proposed apartment complexes? I don’t think merely expressing our frontline ground-troop displeasure will push back the developer’s offensive tactics. We need air support from neighborly skilled attorneys.

  2. Thanks for update Sandy, hope we can have an impact.

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