Development on Via Marina, Marina del Rey, Ca: Proposed Renovation of Mariner’s Village

Mariners VIllage

Mariner’s Village, Marina del Rey, Courtesy Mariners Village Apartments

The Los Angeles Design Control Board has scheduled a meeting to review the proposed renovation of Mariner’s Village on March 26, 2014 at 6:30pm at the Burton Chace Community Building.

    Renters will have to sequentially vacate their apartments as the interiors are renovated, no small hardship. The landscaping at Mariner’s Village is beautiful and has been in place since the complex was built in the late 1970s. The renovation calls for removing all the original landscaping, including many mature trees, and replacing it with drought tolerant plants and trees. Although, as we all know, California is currently in a dire state of drought and this proposal makes sense, it is painful nevertheless.

No new residential units will be added. The plan is to add 7000 square feet to the existing “town center,” a meeting place for residents, which already includes a cafe open to the public. Presumably, the cafe will also be improved.

The renovation calls the creation of a 92-berth anchorage and public dock on the water side of the parcel.  300 new on-site parking spaces will also be added. While some of these will used by  boaters at the new anchorage, others will serve visitors to Mariner’s Village who currently are forced to park across the street on Parcel 13, a public parking area.

The Mariner’s Village promenade surrounding the complex is currently private,  and prevents public access to the waterfront.  Under the new proposal, the promenade will be opened to the public, widened to 28 feet, and provide a walk/bike path access to the waterfront. It will offer a continuous connection from south Via Marina onto Channel Walk all the way around to Bora Bora Way.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this proposal, we urge you to attend this meeting and listen to what Mariner’s Village residents have to say. They are our near neighbors and we need to support each other in terms of the future of Marina del Rey and development on Via Marina.

Structure of DCB Meetings: You have two opportunities to comment after filling out a speaker card.

1) At the beginning of the meeting, public comments are allowed on non-agenda items. You can talk about any County proposal on Via Marina other than Mariner’s Village. There is a three-minute time-limit.

2) When an agenda item comes up for review during the meeting, public comments are allowed only on that item.


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2 Responses to Development on Via Marina, Marina del Rey, Ca: Proposed Renovation of Mariner’s Village

  1. Smokey says:

    I hope Mv will crack down on the smokers. It’s bad enough with people smoking in the “private” areas of the complex-now imagine the public strolling through, smoking cigs, pot and cigars and the disposing of all that trash on the ground (smokers don’t seem to know how to use an ashtray).

  2. Elizabeth Ann Shapiro says:

    we need more open space, parks, & bike paths for everyone to use. anymore it wil take a fly-over to see any water at all.

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